Error Code 491 – How to Fix It in The Best 5 Ways in 2023

The mortal body is such a perfect machine designed by God. Still, this machine has to deal with so numerous problems similar as frazzlesconditions, etc.

If these machines can have problems how come our smartphones which are made by mortal beings can be safe from crimes and problems?

The Android phone has formerly come a part of our lives.

Error Code 491 – How to Fix it in the best 5 Ways

we use it for different purposes analogous as gaming, listening to music and podcasts, photography, and now indeed for making important group video calls for meetings, etc.

And we are all alive of the fact that these phones aren’t perfect they’ve multitudinous problems related to their attack and software.

the moment we will talk about one of the most annoying crimes that an Android user may face during the operation of his/ her phone.

before we talk about its result let me tell you a quick and short story. a couple of weeks ago my kinsman brought his phone to me and said “Then, take this I’m sick of this annoying error Please find a result for it ”.

said ok but what’s the problem. he said that his phone has gone crazy whenever he’s about to download a commodity Google Play Store prompts him with a communication “ Error Code 491 “.

I took his phone and asked him to give me some time to figure out the result of this problem.

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I started doing some disquisition but I wasn’t suitable to find commodity useful. After playing with different goods I eventually managed to overcome the issue and get relieved of this annoying Error Code 491.
believe me, he was so happy when he saw that his phone can download PUBG again lol. let me tell you that this is an arbitrary errornumerous android titans similar to Samsung, HTC, LG, HUAWEI, and numerous others have faced this issue.
This error actually prevents the stoner to download commodities from the sanctioned Google Play Store. Not only does downloading commodities come to problem but also the stoner won’t be suitable to modernize the being software.
But don’t worry as there’s an old byword that no cinch is made without a key. There are numerous results for error law 491. I’ll tell you all of them but before that let me tell you what causes this error.

Although the real cause may vary for different phones so are some of the main causes which I’ve set up during my exploration.

If you are among those people who suppose that why are we reading about the causes of this error?

also, let me tell you that whenever you know about the root of a problem you’ll be suitable to extract it snappily.

The following are the main causes that will affect Error Code 491.

Corrupted data of Google Play application:

Every Android operation is principally a package of data. inventors work veritably hard to make an app. But we’re all apprehensive of the fact that mortal crimes are possible.
So occasionally this package may not contain all of the lines needed for the app to work duly.
Corrupted data of Google Play application
Occasionally the lines are not downloaded duly or they may get affected by contagions due to which they aren’t complete. Their deficient lines won’t run the app and you may face problems whenever you’re running the operation. This is possible in all system and nonsystem apps.

It’s possible that in some phones and tablets, the cause of the Error Code 491 may be corrupted data from the google play store.

Account sign-in problem:

The account we use for Google software is responsible for all of our exertion. Without a Google account, we will not be suitable to install anything from the play store.
Now if you have not signed in to your account in a proper way. If you’re having some kind of restrictions on your account you will not suitable to download commodities from the play store.
Account sign-in problem

It means you can face the Error Code 491 issue or anything similar to that depending on the case.

Incompatible settings of Google Play Store:

It’s possible that the play store update which you have lately downloaded isn’t compatible with your device. There are a number of factors the situation might depend upon.
It may have DPI issues or any other settings that your device won’t be suitable to run duly. This may affect in indecorous functioning of the operation and you may see a pop-up window with Error Code 491 written on it.
Incompatible settings of Google Play Store
Now I hope that you’re apprehensive about what causes this problem. You don’t have to worry because this coming, we will learn about the result of Error Code 491.

Solving Error Code 491 Yourself

As I said before, I’ve collected further than one result for this serious problemnow you might be allowing why so numerous results for just a single problem.
ok so let me tell you that Android phones have different features and settings and it’s possible that the error is caused due to different settings. That’s why I’ve written 5 different results so that you can try them one by one and check which one works for you.

Method 1- Restarting the device:-

Whenever you see a pop-up with the communication Error Code 491 on the Play store the first thing you need to do is to renew your deviceTrust me this is a veritably simple result but it works for numerous druggies like a charm.
Restarting the device
To renew your device hold down your power button for a veritably short period of time. You’ll see a pop-up that will have numerous options.
one of them will be a reboot renewal of your Android phone. elect this option and stay until your device is renewed duly.

Method 2- Data and cache clearing of the Play Store:-

If resuming the phone isn’t working for you don’t worry there are still 4 results left. Ok, the coming result is clearing the data and cache of the google play store app.
this will refresh the device just as if you have installed a fresh interpretation of it. If you don’t know how to clear the cache and app data of the google play store also follow the way below.
  • Click on settings.
  • Under Settings, you’ll find “ Apps & Announcements” Open it up to go to the app section. In there switch to the all apps tab.
All apps under Apps & notifications option
  • locate Google Play Store in the application settings and open it up.
locate Google Play Store in the application settings and open it up.

  • Then you need to go to the “Storage” section.
Then you need to go to the “Storage” section.

  • Click on “Clear Cache” & “Clear Storage” to clear cookies and cache data.
Clear Cache & Clear Storage on the play store
Formerly you have successfully cleared out the data and cache of the app also go and try to open the app and download the commodity to make sure it works impeccably.

Method 3 – Uninstall recently installed updates of the application:-

We all know that Android enables its druggies to modernize their operations with time. This point enables the druggies to get state-of-the-art operations and enjoy the forthcoming new features.

Google inventors are always busy developing the operation to make them more stonerfriendlyoccasionally when an update is released and when we install it. chances are that we may encounter some bugs in the new update.

These bugs will help the stoner to install commodities from the play store. This is how you get Error code 491.

to get relieved of it simply uninstall the rearmost downloaded update and restore the play store back to its former interpretation. There are a lot of chances that you’ll get relieved from this error.

Method 4 – Removing Proxy and APN settings:-

Ok, I know numerous of us aren’t actually familiar with the deputy and harborage set. But Don’t worry I’ll not go into important detail to give you boring lectures.

The simple thing is that occasionally we enter incorrect deputy and APN settings during the configuration of the internet. due to these incorrect settings don’t anticipate the google play store to work duly.

So I suggest you clear out the APN and deputyharborage. Once you have successfully removed these trouble-making effects you won’t be facing the Error Code 491 problem presently. At least let us hope that this work for you.

In order to do this, the following way will help you remove it successfully

  • Go to Settings on your phone
  • Find the Network & Internet, and go inside it.
Find the Network & Internet, and go inside on it.
  • In there, you will see “Mobile Network” and open it up.
In there you will see “Mobile Network” and open it up.

  • Open APN (access point name)
Open APN (access point name)

  • In there, you’ll see all APNs. Click on the three blotches in the top right corner.
  • Press on “ Reset to overpass “.
Press on “ Reset to overpass “.
  • Now you have successfully restored your APN.
This will break your problem if it’s due to the incorrect deputy and harborage settings. If the problem is still there don’t worry just scroll down and look for another system.

Method 5 – Removing your existing account from the play store:-

agree with the fact that some of you’ll be allowing that this isn’t going to help. We all know that your Google account has nothing to do with Error Code 491.

But stillTrust me occasionally it works like a charm. You don’t indeed have to follow a veritably lengthy and specialized procedure.

All you have to do is follow the given way

  • Go to Settings on your phone.
  • Open Account settings.
Open Account settings.

  • There you’ll see your accompanying Google accountclick on it.
  • After opening it, you’ll see the “ Remove account ” valve on it and confirm it.
After opening it, you'll see the “ Remove account ” valve on it and confirm it.

Log in to your account again and try to open the play store if you get the same error.


After reading this I hope you’ll have a clear idea about this issueAlso, I hope you’ll be familiar with the result for Error 491. I hope this way will work for you if the problem is due to the below-mentioned causes.

The android technology has so numerous effects which can not be covered in this compositionFlashback there are always a number of results to a problem. All you have to do is just take a vault of faith and take action.

If you have followed the below-mentioned way rightly and you’re still facing a problem. Please feel free to mention your problem in the commentary on this composition. We’ll try our stylish to reach you as soon as possible.

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