How to Fix When Android Screenshot is Not Working Best In 2023

Reason For Screenshot Issues

Still, it may have certain restrictionssuch as not allowing screenshots, If your phone was issued by work or an academy.

 Indeed if you only use some work or academy accounts, those specific functions may disallow screenshots.

Another cause is Chrome Incognito Mode, which doesn’t allow screenshots.

The problem could also be due to a mechanical issuesimilar to a broken button, or low storehouse vacuity.

Clear All Open Apps To Fix Android Screenshots Not Working

Fix it when Android Screenshot is not Working

Begin the troubleshooting process by closing all open apps on your Android phone. To do soopen the Recent Apps screen.
However, the valve on it, If you see the Close all buttonAlternatelyswipe up on the apps to close them. That will close and clear all open apps. After doing sotry taking a screenshot.

Review Your Google Account To Check For App Policy

Some apps on your smartphone can disable taking screenshots of your device. This is generally because of the app’s policy, so it would be stylish to check with the inventor of these operations to resolve this matter.

still, it might also beget this problem, If you have an aged interpretation of the operation installed on your device.

You can also turn off the app by running it into ‘ safe mode ’ if taking screenshots is formerly impaired on your device.

Delete Problematic Apps

Stillsimilar to commodity work-related or designed to control or circumscribe your phone, uninstall it and see if you’re suitable to take screenshots,
If you lately installed an app that might be a problem.

Restart Your Phone To Fix Android Screenshot Not Working

Renew your Android phone. frequently, a service could be interposing the screenshot functionality which can be resolved by resuming the phone.

Check the Device’s Storage To Fix the Screenshot Issue

Still, this can also be one of the possible reasons you can not take screenshots on your Android phone If your phone’s storehouse is inadequate.

To fix this problem, you need to extend further storehouse on your device to no longer affect its performance. You can also clear up some space enthralled by uninstalled or unwanted operations installed on your device for an instant result.

Go to the media storehouse app to deal with limited storehouse space as it can also affect screenshot functionality in Android smartphones

Turn Off Incognito Mode

Are you trying to take a screenshot in Chrome’s Incognito mode? If that’s the case, you won’t be able to take screenshots as Google has blocked the capability to capture screenshots in Incognito mode.

So leave the Incognito mode and open the website in normal mode. also, try to take a screenshot.

Boot Phone Into Safe Mode

Some druggies reported taking screenshots of their bias after booting them in normal mode rather than safe mode. However,
This result might also help you resolve it fully If the problem is embedded in your smartphone’s tackle. After booting your devicetry regaining screenshots and see if the issue no longer occurs.

Enable Media Storage To Fix Android Screenshot Not Working

Android druggies on different forums suggest checking and enabling the Media Storehouse app. However, you’ll face problems in taking screenshots, If it’s impaired. To fix it, follow this way
  • Open Settings on your phone and go to Apps.
  • Go to the All Apps section. Tap on the three-fleck icon at the top and choose Show System Apps. On Samsung Galaxy phones, the valve on the Sort icon and enable the toggle for Show system apps.
  • Look for Media storehouse. Tap on Enable, if available.

Take A Screenshot On Android Using An Alternative Method

The primary styles are pressing a combination of keys on the deviceusing the swipe function, or using Google Assistant.

To use Google Assistant( GA) to capture a screenshot, display the image you want to capture on the screenalso, say OK, Google, take a screenshot.

GA responds with OK, touch to continue. It shows a lower interpretation of the screen image and options for transferring it. Choose the system you want to use for transferring the image

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