WWE 2K23 Game Download for Android {Best In 2024}

WWE 2k23 Game Download – Wrestling fans around the world are buzzing with excitement about the latest entry in the WWE 2K franchise – WWE 2K23.

This massive wrestling sim game allows you to play as your favorite WWE superstars and legends across a variety of different match types and game modes.

While WWE 2K23 is currently only available on consoles and PCs, dedicated Android users need not despair. With a few extra steps, you can download and install the full version of WWE 2K23 on your Android phone or tablet.

WWE 2K23 Game Download for Android

In this comprehensive guide, we will provide all the information you need to properly download, set up, and play WWE 2K23 on your Android device. We will cover

WWE 2k23 Game Download

Let’s begin by taking a look at everything that the incredible WWE 2K23 game has to offer.

Overview of Robust Features and Content in WWE 2K23

Overview of Robust Features and Content in WWE 2K23

Before we delve into the installation process, let’s discuss the sheer breadth and depth of content and modes available in WWE 2K23 that make it a must-play for any wrestling fan. Here are just some of the key features that await you in WWE 2K23:

Massive Playable Roster

  • Over 200 playable current and legendary WWE superstars
  • The largest roster ever in the franchise
  • Top stars like Roman Reigns, Sasha Banks, Randy Orton, Becky Lynch, and many more!
  • WWE Hall of Famers like Steve Austin, The Rock, Trish Stratus, and Goldberg
  • Surprise Legend Reveals and returning Fan favorites

Realistic Graphics and Visuals

  • New graphics engine with enhanced visuals, textures, physics, and animations
  • More realistic and detailed wrestler models, faces, and facial animations
  • improved arena renders, crowds, lighting, and effects

Diverse Match Types

  • Classic 1v1, Tornado Tag, Triple Threat, Fatal 4-Way, and 6-Man matches
  • Royal Rumble match with up to 40 superstars
  •  Money in the Bank, Hell in Cell, Steel Cage, and Elimination Chamber
  • Backstage Brawls, Last Man Standing, and I Quit matches
  • All-New WarGames Match and Special Guest Referee matches

Engaging Game Modes

  • Revamped MyGM mode where you control a WWE brand’s operations
  • Universe mode with deep customization of shows, PPVs, rivalries, and more
  • MyFACTION mode to collect cards and build dream factions
  • MyRISE career story mode with male and female protagonist options
  • Showcase historical WWE events and unlock legendary superstars
  • Online modes like King of the Ring tournaments and lobbies

Robust Customization & Creation Tools

  • Create-A-Wrestler with endless options for customization
  • Design custom championships, arenas, shows, entrances, and more
  • Advanced Creation Suite to craft match rules, victory conditions, and more

As you can see, WWE 2K23 is jam-packed with a staggering amount of wrestlers, match types, modes, customization, and authentic WWE content to enjoy. It’s the most complete and immersive WWE gaming experience available. Now let’s move on to getting it on your Android device!

Safely Downloading the Correct WWE 2K23 APK for Android

Safely Downloading the Correct WWE 2K23 APK for Android

Since WWE 2K23 has not officially launched on the Google Play Store yet, we’ll need to download the special Android APK file instead. Here are some tips for safely downloading the correct APK:

  • Only download from trusted APK sites like APKMirror or APKPure to avoid malware
  • Ensure you download the proper APK file that matches your device architecture – ARM or ARM64
  • The file should be around 2GB in size for the base game APK
  • Several additional OBB Data Pack files totaling around 5GB also need downloading
  • Check online forums for links to the confirmed working APK+OBB files
  • Only download from links posted in the last few days to get the latest version
  • Scan the APK on VirusTotal before installing as an extra precaution

Take your time and only get the APK from safe and reputable sources. You may also need to download multiple ZIP files containing the split APK and OBB data packs. Extract them to your device storage before installing them.

Enabling Required Android Settings to Install APKs

Since the WWE 2K23 APK originates from outside the Google Play Store, we have to enable external APK installation in Android’s security settings.

Here is how to enable it:

1. Open Settings on your Android device
2. Scroll down and tap on “Security” or “Apps & Notifications”
3. Look for an option labeled “Install Unknown Apps”, “Enable Downloads from External Sources” or something similar
4. Turn on the setting to allow installing apps from unknown sources
5. You may need to confirm this setting change to enable it

With this enabled, your device can now install any apps sideloaded as APK packages outside of the Google Play store. Keep this setting enabled to install the WWE 2K23 APK file next.

Step-by-Step Guide to Installing the WWE 2K23 APK on Android

Once you have downloaded the latest WWE 2K23 APK file and enabled external APK installs, we can move forward with installing it on Android:

1. Locate the WWE 2K23 APK file in your device’s Downloads folder or file browser
2. Tap on the WWE 2K23 APK file to begin the installation
3. If prompted, grant permission for your browser or APK installer to install unknown apps
4. The installation process will commence – tap ‘Install’ to confirm
5. Accept any other app permissions or requirements as they appear
6. Wait patiently as the progress bar shows the WWE 2K23 APK being installed
7. After successful installation, tap ‘Done’
8. WWE 2K23 will now be installed and available in your Android device’s app drawer!

The process is quick and straightforward in most cases. Within a few minutes, WWE 2K23 will be installed and ready to play as long as you use the correct APK file for your device architecture.

Transferring Essential Data Files to Android Device

Transferring Essential Data Files to Android Device

To run properly, WWE 2K23 requires additional OBB data files that contain all the game assets like graphics, wrestlers, match types, etc. We’ll need to transfer these to the correct location on your Android device:

1. Locate the WWE 2K23 OBB data file(s) from your downloads folder
2. Launch your Android device’s onboard file manager/explorer if you don’t have one installed already
3. Navigate to the Android -> Obb folder path
4. Create a folder here named ‘com.2k.wwe2k23’
5. Copy the WWE 2K23 OBB file into the ‘com.2k.wwe2k23’ folder you created
6. Once transferred, launch WWE 2K23 to begin accessing the OBB data!

Ensuring the OBB data files are in the proper location will allow WWE 2K23 to function correctly. Without it, the game will be unable to load all its assets and data. So be sure to transfer it over.

Optimizing WWE 2K23 Controls for Touchscreens

Since WWE 2K23 is primarily designed for controllers, we need to optimize the controls for touchscreens:

  • In WWE 2K23’s settings menu, go to Controls -> Customize Controls
  • Map frequent actions like strikes, grapples, whips, and knees to on-screen virtual buttons
  • Position/resize the virtual buttons for easy reach with your thumbs
  • Use swipes or gestures for actions like pin attempts, submissions, and finishers
  • You can enable floating buttons that stay on top during gameplay
  • Experiment to find your most comfortable control setup!

With some button mapping testing, you can tailor the controls to your playstyle and device screen size. Customizable floating controls are great for accessibility during gameplay.

Adjusting Graphics for Best Performance on Android

Adjusting Graphics for Best Performance on Android

To achieve smooth performance on Android, some graphics settings in WWE 2K23 can be adjusted:

  • In Video Settings, select Medium or Low for Graphics Quality presets
  • Disable or lower taxing settings like Shadows, Visual Effects, Anti-Aliasing
  • Lower the Resolution Scale to around 50-75% for increased FPS
  • Cap the Frame Rate at 30FPS for consistency
  • Disable Density and variety for fewer NPCs and objects rendered
  • Turn off Depth of Field, Motion Blur, and other post-processing
  • Reduce Texture Filtering and Level of Detail distances

Test different combinations of settings to find the right balance of visual fidelity and smooth performance for your Android device’s capabilities.

Troubleshooting WWE 2K23 Issues on Android

Troubleshooting WWE 2K23 Issues on Android

If you experience crashes, bugs, or lag when running WWE 2K23 on Android, here are some troubleshooting steps:

  • Check that the OBB data files are present in the correct location
  • Reduce graphics settings for lower demands on your hardware
  • Close other apps running in the background
  • Ensure you have at least 3GB of free RAM available
  • Update your device software and drivers to the latest versions
  • Disable battery optimizations or enable High-Performance mode
  • Restart your Android device and clear the app cache/data for WWE 2K23
  • Factory reset your device if all else fails!

With some dedicated troubleshooting, you can resolve most issues that may pop up with playing WWE 2K23 on Android.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Is downloading WWE 2K23 APK legal?

Ans: WWE 2K23 is only officially available on consoles and PCs currently. Downloading the unsigned APK could be considered copyright infringement in certain regions.

Q: Can I play online multiplayer with the WWE 2K23 APK?

Ans: Likely not, as the official servers will block unlicensed copies from accessing online features. Only offline play is possible.

Q: Does the APK have controller support?

Ans: Yes, you can connect PS4, PS5, Xbox, and other Bluetooth controllers to your Android device to play.

Q: How much storage space does WWE 2K23 APK require?

Ans: You will need around 10-15GB of free space for the full game and OBB data files.

Q: What are the minimum Android requirements?

Ans: Your device will need Android 8.0 or later and at least 3GB of RAM. A Snapdragon 835 or better is recommended.


We hope this detailed guide provides everything you need to know to successfully download and start playing WWE 2K23 on your Android phone or tablet.

While it may seem like a complex process, just take it step-by-step and you’ll be powerslamming your opponents in the wrestling ring in no time!

Enjoy all the robust match types, customization features, and authentic WWE content that the incredible WWE 2K23 game offers.

And experience it on the go with the power and portability of your Android device! Let us know if you have any other questions. Happy wrestling!

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