Which Video Game Shattered the Record for Most Sales in 24 hours, Making over $800 million?

Video Game Shattered the Record – When the magnificent Stealing Auto V went on sale on September 17, 2013, it stunned the world by collapsing every imaginable record for entertainment and creator over $800 million in revenue in just 24 hours.

The latest installment in Rockstar Games’ blockbuster Grand Stealing Auto franchise was eagerly expected for years and expectations were sky-high.

But nobody could have anticipated just how amazing the actual sales figures would be on day one as GTA V instantly became the fastest-selling video game of all time.

Video Game Shattered the Record for Most Sales in 24 hours

The Grand Stealing Auto series has been pushing boundaries and turning heads since its debut in 1997.

With each new entry, Rockstar manages to deliver bigger worlds, edgier development, and more advanced graphics to raise the bar.

Video Game Shattered the Record

The media often takes note of GTA’s violence and adult content, but the controversy has only served to increase anticipation with each release.

By the time GTA V entered development, prior entries had already sold over 114 million units to make it one of gaming’s most premium IPs.

GTA IV in particular broke entertainment records in 2008 by earning $310 million on launch day. With Rockstar investing more resources than ever before into GTA V, expectations ascend to unprecedented levels in the gaming community.

When the game finally landed in 2013 as the first GTA title for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, sales exceeded even Rockstar’s optimistic projections.

GTA V didn’t just perform well but obliterated records to become the undisputed biggest launch in entertainment history. Let’s break down the mind-blowing sales performance.

GTA V Sells $800 Million Worth of Copies on Day One

GTA V Sells $800 Million Worth of Copies on Day One

The main statistic that turned the gaming world upside down was the announcement that GTA V had sold $800 million worth of copies globally within the first 24 hours of launch.

This number came from retail unit sales and digital downloads across 17 different countries.

To provide context, the previous highest figure came from Call of Duty: Black Ops II which hit $500 million on its first day just a year prior. GTA managed to beat that number by 60% for a truly historic milestone.

Prior to GTA V, no game had even surpassed $600 million in 24 hours. But GTA V’s sales were leaps and bounds ahead as it doubled the opening day revenue of the previous GTA game.

This highlighted the exponential growth achieved by Rockstar.

Dwarfing Competition with 15 Million Units Shipped

Dwarfing Competition with 15 Million Units Shipped

In anticipation of skyrocketing demand, Rockstar arranged for over 15 million physical units to be shipped to retailers worldwide ahead of launch day. For comparison, GTA IV shipped around 3.6 million copies to stores in 2008.

Despite the drastically increased production run, GTA V supplies still found themselves selling out on day one at many locations.

This sales velocity outpaced Rockstar’s already optimistic supply chain and reflects truly unprecedented enthusiasm.

Digital sales also saw incredible traction with over 1 million downloads registered across PlayStation and Xbox digital stores along with Rockstar’s own Social Club platform.

Steam versions caused online infrastructure to creak under the strain of so many simultaneous downloads. Rockstar had to work overtime to keep their servers from crashing to meet demand.

The company reported maxing out bandwidth capabilities they had prepared months in advance just to deliver digital copies on PC.

Unprecedented Sales Across All Platforms and Formats

GTA V didn’t just have a big launch for games in general. It broke records across individual formats including topping console game launches, computer game launches, and mobile game launches simultaneously.

Among consoles, the title sold 1.86 million units within 24 hours to make it the single best-selling console game in a day, handily beating early sales of Halo: Reach.

On computers, Steam reported over 1.3 million downloads on launch day quintupling the previous record held by Fallout 4.

For mobile, the iOS and Android versions of the accompanying GTA V app hit #1 on both platforms and registered over 1 million downloads each in a single day.

No other entertainment launch had ever concurrently been the top seller across so many platforms immediately after release.

Initial Supply Shortages

Initial Supply Shortages

The massive first-day sales figures quickly led to shortages as stores failed to anticipate just how quickly their supplies would dry up.

These supply constraints continued in the days following the launch as Rockstar and retailers struggled to meet still surging demand.

Some customers in Europe found stores totally out of stock of GTA V less than 24 hours after launch. Online retailers also found themselves backordered and unable to fulfill digital purchases as quickly as buyers were coming in.

Rockstar worked round the clock to ship more units but despite their herculean logistical efforts, demand continued outpacing supply for weeks after launch.

The company urged consumers to remain patient as they were doing everything possible to get units into circulation.

The supply crunch illustrated that even exceeding previous sales records by such massive margins had still underestimated actual audience appetite for GTA V. The game was immediately marked as a must-have title across the globe.

Critical Acclaim Showers Over GTA V

Critical Acclaim Showers Over GTA V

GTA V achieved not just commercial success but also won widespread critical acclaim as a technical masterpiece. Reviews praised the scale, beauty, and attention to detail crafted into the vast open-world environment of Los Santos.

The advanced graphics, physics, AI, and mechanics were considered cutting edge at the time with visuals setting a new high water mark.

The acting and writing also received notable praise for humor and drama punctuated by blockbuster action sequences.

Adding to the narrative depth was the ability to play as three different protagonists to gain new perspectives on the story.

Reviewers recommended GTA V not just for hardcore action fans but also for players who appreciate strong technical craft and storytelling.

User reviews widely reflected professional critic takes with fans showering the game with praise across web platforms.

On Metacritic, GTA V reached a 9.9 user score making it one of the highest-rated games of all time based on fan opinion.

Ongoing Sales Dominance over the Years

Ongoing Sales Dominance over the Years

The immense popularity of GTA V persisted long after launch as the title continued to rack up sales records for months and years after release.

By February 2014, the game had shipped over 32.5 million units total. By early 2018, that number had crossed 90 million putting it behind only Minecraft in total units moved.

Impressively, GTA V continued to chart on bestseller lists around the world for years after launch. The game boasted remarkable longevity through ongoing digital sales and new adopters purchasing retail copies.

Maintaining an active user base half a decade after launch highlighted GTA V’s unique staying power in pop culture.

Expanded Re-Releases on New Generations

Expanded Re-Releases on New Generations

Part of the secret to GTA V’s longevity was Rockstar’s savvy strategy of re-releasing enhanced editions on newer consoles. In 2014, GTA V hit PS4 and Xbox One with improved 4k graphics and more details.

The biggest upgrade came in 2020 with expanded and enhanced editions for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

These took advantage of new hardware for up to 60 frames per second graphics and amped-up environmental details. Native console ray tracing support also enabled more realistic lighting effects.

Alongside prettier visuals, loading times were drastically reduced to under 30 seconds using the new consoles’ solid-state drives. This provided a smoother experience fast traveling around the huge open world map.

For an older game, these upgrades breathed new life into GTA V and exposed it to wider next-generation console audiences.

GTA Online’s Pivotal Role

GTA Online’s Pivotal Role

GTA Online, the multiplayer component, was crucial in expanding the longevity and accessibility of GTA V years after its initial launch.

The online mode saw constant updates with new missions, modes, vehicles, properties, and customization for characters.

Limited-time events also ensured that players would log back in to check out holiday-themed content and claim rewards. Popular updates like the Diamond Casino brought brand new activities for friends to experience together.

In 2020, GTA Online was split off as a standalone free-to-play title on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, removing the need to purchase GTA V to access it. This opened the floodgates to new users who might have felt intimidated by the full game’s price tag.

Promise of More Updates

Years later, Rockstar continues supporting GTA Online with new improvements hinting that they plan to build on it for the foreseeable future.

With rumors swirling about GTA 6 still being ways off, all signs point to expanded content updates for GTA Online satiating fans in the meantime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much did GTA V make in 24 hours?

Ans: GTA V made over $800 million in revenue within the first 24 hours of its launch, handily beating all previous entertainment industry records.

Q. Why was GTA V so popular on launch?

Ans: GTA V was hotly anticipated for years and built off the legacy of one of gaming’s most popular franchises. Cutting-edge graphics and an expansive interactive world brought the experience to new heights.

Q. What made GTA V sell so much more than previous games?

Ans: GTA V represented a quantum leap over predecessors in terms of technical capabilities and overall polish, amplifying interest exponentially. Marketing hype also reached new levels in the years leading up to release.

Q. How were launch sales split between platforms?

Ans: Console made up the bulk with 1.86 million units sold on day one. Digital sales were over 1 million each on console platforms, Steam, and iOS/Android.

Q. Did popularity last over time?

Ans: Absolutely. GTA V became one of the best-selling games ever by continuing to chart globally for years after launch. Enhanced re-releases and constant online updates fueled ongoing sales.


GTA V entering the record books by selling $800 million worth of copies in 24 hours after launching was a watershed moment in entertainment history.

The figures seem even more unbelievable in retrospect today and demonstrate an unprecedented phenomenon.

At the time, analysts already recognized the sales as heralding a new era where gaming had become the dominant entertainment medium.

And GTA V still stands head and shoulders above any other game launch nearly a decade later in terms of financial success out the gate.

The massive numbers reflect a rare alignment of years of anticipation, cutting-edge technical craft, and a product that exceeded lofty expectations.

GTA V was a perfect storm that ushered in a new age of blockbuster gaming and remains one of the industry’s brightest moments.

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