The New One Punch Man: World trailer shows off multiplayer combat {In 2024}

New One Punch Man – The highly anticipated One Punch Man: World video game recently released a new gameplay trailer, giving fans their first in-depth look at the title’s multiplayer combat.

Developed by Spike Chunsoft and published by Bandai Namco, One Punch Man: World is set to launch later this year on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

The new trailer opens on a vibrant cityscape bustling with activity before quickly transitioning into energetic combat sequences featuring series protagonists Saitama, Genos, Fubuki, and others.

Up to 3 players can team up online to take on iconic One Punch Man villains and monsters in real-time battles.

The New One Punch Man World trailer shows off multiplayer combat

The combat itself appears to be fast-paced and dynamic, with each character having their own unique movesets and abilities taken straight from the anime/manga source material.

Saitama is shown devastating groups of enemies with his signature normal punches and serious moves, while Genos utilizes incineration cannons and machine gun blows to hold his own.

Players can string together combos, launch enemies into the air, and activate special attacks – everything fans would expect from a proper One Punch Man adaptation.

New One Punch Man

Of course, destructible environments also play a big role, as battles spill out into city streets and cause massive property damage along the way.

At one point in the trailer, Genos is shown punching a monster through several buildings in quick succession. The scale of the destruction reminds viewers that Collateral Damage is the name of the game in One Punch Man.

The trailer also spotlights some slick traversal mechanics, allowing players to dash, double jump, and run along walls to freely navigate the environment.

There are multiple shots of characters sprinting up skyscrapers and leaping across rooftops, which should make for fluid movement during both exploration and combat.

Fans of the series will be glad to know that ONE’s signature vibrant art style has translated nicely into 3D here as well.

While the trailer focuses mainly on fighting, it does tease some of the open-world activities players can engage in between brawls. We see brief glimpses of customization menus, NPC interactions, and even fishing mini-games – suggesting One Punch Man:

The world aims to offer a lot more beyond its multiplayer battles. Some fans have understandably compared it to the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm series in this regard.

Of course, the real highlight here is getting to step into the shoes of beloved One Punch Man heroes and lay waste to foes online.

The combat looks satisfyingly crunchy and seems to capture the over-the-top power fantasy the franchise is known for. Being able to team up with friends to deliver epic beatdowns is sure to appeal to fans.

However, an open question remains regarding Saitama himself. As the One Punch Man, he’s able to defeat any foe with a single blow – so how will the developers balance him in a multiplayer setting?

The trailer notably avoids showing Saitama’s combat capabilities, so time will tell how his infamous power levels are handled.

Overall though, One Punch Man: World is shaping up nicely and this new trailer should have fans hyped. The faithful anime aesthetic, bombastic battles, and multiplayer focus all seem promising for an enjoyable game.

We’ll find out if the final product delivers on expectations when One Punch Man: World launches later this year. But for now, the future looks bright for fans eager to step into Saitama’s shoes and feel that ONE PUNCH power.

One Punch Man: World multiplayer combat involves raids

One Punch Man World multiplayer combat involves raids

Here is an addition to the article focusing on multiplayer raids in One Punch Man: World:

Not only does One Punch Man: World allow up to 3 players to team up, but the new trailer also teases larger-scale multiplayer events. At one point, we get a brief look at what appears to be a raid boss fight occurring in the streets of a city.

Multiple player-controlled heroes are shown working together to take down a colossal enemy. Based on the coordination involved, this is likely part of an endgame raid activity where teams need to properly synergize their abilities and attacks to emerge victorious.

Defeating raid bosses will likely be the best way to grab rare loot and materials for late-game progression. It’s exciting to consider gathering your own dream team of Saitama, Genos, Bang, Atomsk, and others to test your skills against these epic challenges.

Raid mechanics could call for specific character roles like DPS, tank, and support to succeed.

Of course, raids aren’t just about combat. The trailer shows cues on the ground for players to avoid deadly area-of-effect attacks that could wipe out the entire party.

Surviving these huge enemy techniques will require awareness, quick reflexes, and strategic positioning.

While we only get a single brief look, this tease of large-scale multiplayer raids has us eager to discover what other endgame content One Punch Man: World has in store.

Raid battles will provide the ultimate challenge for teams once they’ve honed their skills against standard foes. The addition of MMO-lite mechanics like this could give One Punch Man:

World some legs beyond the standard multiplayer fighting experience. We can’t wait to see what epic encounters await the world’s strongest team-ups.

When Will the Third Season of One Punch Man Be Released?

When Will the Third Season of One Punch Man Be Released

Unfortunately, there has been no official announcement yet regarding when Season 3 of the One Punch Man anime will be released.

The second season finished airing in July 2019, and fans have been eagerly awaiting news of a third season since then.

Some key points about the potential release timeframe:

  • Anime productions usually take 1-2 years between seasons. Given that S2 aired in 2019, fans speculated that S3 could air as early as late 2020. However, that timeframe has obviously passed.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic has delayed many anime productions over the last few years. One Punch Man was likely affected too, pushing any plans for S3 back.
  • No studio has been confirmed yet for Season 3. J.C. Staff animated Season 2, but some fans hope Madhouse will return for consistency. The studio situation may factor into the production timeline.
  • Manga creator ONE and illustrator Yusuke Murata continue releasing new manga chapters, providing plenty of source material for new seasons.
  • One Punch Man remains a hugely popular franchise, especially internationally. Demand for a third season is very high.

While frustrating for fans, it’s understandable that a top-tier production like One Punch Man takes time between seasons.

But given the manga is still ongoing and S2’s success, Season 3 is likely a matter of when not if. Fans continue to eagerly await any official word from the anime producers on exactly when OPM will return.

One Punch Man Season 3 Plot

One Punch Man Season 3 Plot

Though unconfirmed, here are some possible story arcs and plot points that could be adapted in One Punch Man Season 3 based on the manga’s current storyline:

  • Garou vs. Hero Hunter Arc – This major arc focuses on Garou hunting down heroes and could take up a large chunk of Season 3. It culminates in major fights between Garou and heroes like Genos, Bang, Bomb, and more.
  • Introduction of the Monster Association and Cadres – The Monster Association storyline introduces powerful new monsters and villains that could serve as Season 3’s antagonists.
  • Saitama vs. Overgrown Rover – Saitama has a comedic battle against one of the Monster Association’s pets, showing a new hilarious side to his overwhelming power.
  • Saitama vs. Orochi – As the leader of the Monster Association, Orochi could be a major fight for Saitama in Season 3.
  • Hero Civil War – Conflict breaks out between the Hero Association and Neo Heroes organization that leads to standoffs between heroes like Child Emperor vs. Zombieman.
  • Garou vs. Saitama – This epic showdown seems destined to be Season 3’s climactic finale battle. It shows the limits of Garou’s exponential growth against Saitama’s unmatched strength.

There are still many iconic story moments from the manga left to be animated that would make for an exciting One Punch Man Season 3.

Fans are eagerly looking forward to seeing stunning set pieces like Saitama vs. Orochi and the Garou vs. Saitama duel brought to life by the anime.

Is One Punch Man world free?

Unfortunately, there are no official details yet on whether One Punch Man: World will be a free-to-play game or not.

The pricing model has not been confirmed by Bandai Namco or Spike Chunsoft at this point. However, given the scale of the game and the focus on high-quality production values in the trailer, it seems likely that One Punch Man: World will be a standard paid release rather than free-to-play.

Major console/PC releases of this size and scope are rarely free-to-play titles. Though not impossible, it would be surprising if One Punch Man: World does not end up costing $59.99 or similar for the base game.

Of course, it could adopt a model like Genshin Impact – free-to-play basic access with microtransactions. But again, that seems less likely due to the lack of Gacha-style monetization shown so far.

In the end, fans will have to wait for an official announcement from the developers before we know for sure whether One Punch Man: World will be a free download or a paid title.

But early signs point towards this multiplayer brawler requiring an upfront purchase, rather than being an F2P live service type of game.

Is One Punch Man over?

No, the One Punch Man manga and anime series is still ongoing. The story has certainly progressed significantly since it began in 2009, but there is still more to come for One Punch Man fans.

The manga by ONE and illustrator Yusuke Murata is currently being published. As of now, 23 volumes have been released in Japan so far, with the English translations up to volume 22.

The manga remains popular in Weekly Young Jump and continues to provide new story content beyond the anime.

The anime adaptation produced by studio Madhouse has so far aired 2 seasons. Season 1 ran for 12 episodes in 2015, and Season 2 ran for 12 episodes in 2019.

There is no official word yet on if/when Season 3 will be produced. But the anime continues to be highly popular globally.

Considering both the manga and anime are still actively in progress, most fans believe it is only a matter of time before Season 3 gets announced.

There is certainly no shortage of source material from ONE’s webcomic and redrawn manga chapters for additional anime seasons.

With ONE and Murata still regularly putting out new One Punch Man chapters, the epic showdowns with villains like Garou are far from over.

Not to mention many fans are still eagerly awaiting the God-level threat prophecy to come into play. There are likely more heroic deeds yet to come from Saitama and the whole cast.

So while the One Punch Man anime is awaiting continuation, the overall franchise remains very active. Given its continued popularity, most fans are confident One Punch Man still has a long future ahead as both a manga and anime series.

Why is one Punch Man taking so long?

There are a few potential reasons why it has been taking quite a long time for One Punch Man Season 3 to be produced:

  • Switching animation studios: Season 1 was done by Madhouse but Season 2 was done by J.C. Staff. The change in studios could contribute to delays as the new team gets accustomed to the series.
  • Detailed artwork: The artwork and animation quality of One Punch Man is very high, especially compared to standard anime. The detailed character designs and fluid action scenes take more time to animate properly.
  • ONE’s involvement: Series creator ONE likes to be closely involved in the anime production process. This oversight ensures quality but can also slow down the production schedule.
  • Availability of staff: Top animation talent is in high demand. Key animators and directors working on One Punch Man may not always be available to work on a tight schedule.
  • Story structure: The manga’s story structure is not always perfectly suited to seasonal 12-episode chunks of anime. There may be delays as they figure out how to adapt it.
  • Pandemic impacts: Global pandemic shutdowns have slowed many anime productions over the past few years. One Punch Man was likely affected too.

In summary, while frustrating for eager fans, the long wait for more One Punch Man anime is likely due to the series’ high standards and the challenges of scheduling top creative talent.

But the continued success of the franchise suggests Season 3 should still happen eventually despite the delays. Fans remain hopeful the wait will prove worth it whenever the next season drops.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. What platforms will the game be on?

Ans: One Punch Man: World is confirmed to be released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

Q. Will there be crossplay support?

Ans: Crossplay details have not been officially announced yet. But with the game releasing on multiple platforms, there is a good chance crossplay will be supported.

Q. How many players can play together?

Ans: The trailer shows up to 3 players teaming up. It’s unknown if larger multiplayer options will be available.

Q. Will Saitama be overpowered?

Ans: That remains to be seen! The trailer avoids showing Saitama’s combat abilities, likely because balancing his power is a challenge.

Q. When is the game released?

Ans: No official release date has been revealed yet beyond a 2023 launch window. Fans are hoping for more details soon!

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