How to Ignore and Unignore Messages on Messenger {2024 Guide}

Ignore and Unignore Messages – Sometimes you need a break from certain Messenger conversations – whether it’s an overly chatty group, notifications from low-priority contacts, or you just want to focus without distractions.

The ignore messages feature on Messenger lets you mute conversations temporarily or indefinitely while still keeping a record of them.

How to Ignore and Unignore Messages on Messenger

Ignore and Unignore Messages on Messenger

In this guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know about ignoring messages on Messenger. We’ll cover:

  •  Why you may want to ignore Messenger messages
  •  How to ignore messages on Messenger mobile and desktop apps
  • The difference between ignoring messages vs Messenger contacts
  •  Checking for ignored messages on Messenger
  •  Unignoring messages you’ve previously ignored
  •  Using message ignore as a digital detox tool
  •  Messenger ignores message settings and limits

Let’s dive in on how to take control of your Messenger notifications by ignoring the conversations you want to temporarily mute.

Why Ignore Messages on Messenger?

There are plenty of situations where ignoring messages on Messenger can be useful:

Stop Group Message Notification Overload

Group conversations on Messenger can lead to a constant barrage of notifications – especially in large groups where people get carried away. Ignoring the group chat lets you check it on your own terms.

Avoid Distractions from Certain Contact

If you have a contact that messages too frequently or at inconvenient times, ignoring their conversation thread lets you avoid those distractions without blocking them completely.

Focus on Important Communication

When you need to concentrate and be uber-responsive in just a couple of conversation threads (work, family, etc.), ignoring everything else lets you block out the noise.

Give Yourself a Break from Social Apps

Using the ignore message function across all conversations can provide a healthy detox from social apps when you need some digital downtime.

The ignore messages feature is versatile for getting more control over when and how you view your incoming message notifications.

How to Ignore Messages on Messenger Mobile Apps

How to Ignore Messages on Messenger Mobile Apps

On both Android and iOS devices, the process for ignoring messages on the Messenger mobile app is the same:

1. Open the Messenger conversation you want to ignore
2. Tap the name of the person or group at the top of the conversation
3. Select “Ignore Messages” (Android) or “Ignore Alerts” (iOS)
4. Tap to confirm “Ignore” on the popup

You’ll know a conversation is successfully ignored when the crescent moon icon appears on the conversation.

One thing to note – on Android, you can long press on any conversation from the main screen and tap “Ignore” to quickly mute notifications from that conversation.

On iOS, you’ll need to go into each conversation to ignore it individually from the conversation settings menu.

How to Ignore Messages on Messenger Desktop/Web

How to Ignore Messages on Messenger DesktopWeb

Ignoring Messenger conversations from a computer follows a similar process:

1. Go to or open the Messenger desktop app
2. Open the conversation you want to ignore
3. Click on the name or group name at the top of the conversation
4. Select “Ignore Messages” from the dropdown menu
5. Click “Ignore” on the confirmation popup

Like the mobile app, ignored conversations on the desktop/web will show a crescent moon icon in the sidebar.

You can also quickly find and ignore conversations from the Messenger desktop app by clicking the gear icon and selecting “Ignored Conversations.”

Here you can check current ignored conversations or click “Ignore Conversation” to mute new ones.

Ignoring Messages vs Ignoring Contacts

Ignoring Messages vs Ignoring Contacts

It’s worth noting the difference between ignoring messages on Messenger and ignoring/blocking a contact entirely.

Ignoring messages means that a specific conversation thread is muted, but you’ll still receive notifications if that contact messages you in a new conversation thread.

Ignoring/blocking contact is more of a complete communications blackout, where you won’t receive any of their messages, calls, etc.

Ignoring messages is a softer, temporary mute while ignoring/blocking contacts is a more permanent prevention of all communication from them.

So you may choose to ignore messages if you still potentially want to receive certain important correspondence from a contact, just not other chats.

Checking for Ignored Messages on Messenger

Checking for Ignored Messages on Messenger

Out of sight isn’t out of mind – you can still easily check any conversation threads you’ve ignored on Messenger.

On Mobile

Both the Messenger iOS and Android apps have a convenient “Ignored Messages” folder.

Open the app sidebar menu and look for the crescent moon icon – that’s where you’ll find a list of all the conversation threads you’ve ignored.

You can tap any of them to view the full conversation and all prior messages that have been ignored.

Any new messages in that thread will appear in the ignored messages folder – though you won’t receive active notifications for them.

On Desktop/Web

From the website or desktop app, you can access your ignored conversations from the gear icon menu in the bottom left.

Select “Ignored Conversations” to see a list of the threads you’ve muted.

Click into any of them to view the conversation history, and you’ll notice new messages are grayed out until you un-ignore that conversation again.

How to Unignore Messages on Messenger

Eventually, you’ll want to start receiving notifications again from conversations you’ve ignored. Here’s how to unignore messages on Messenger:

Mobile Apps (iOS and Android):

1. Open the Messenger app sidebar menu
2. Tap the “Ignored Messages” folder
3. Select the conversation you want to unignore
4. Tap the name/group at the top and toggle off “Ignore Messages”


1. Open the Messenger desktop app or web
2. Click the gear icon in the bottom left
3. Select “Ignored Conversations”
4. Click the conversation you want to unignore
5. Click the group/contact name and toggle off “Ignore Messages”

After following these steps, that conversation will go back to appearing in your main inbox/conversation list, and you’ll start receiving notifications for any new messages in that thread.

Using Messenger’s Ignore Feature For a Social Media Detox

One way the ignore messages feature can provide value is by enabling a temporary detox or break from social apps.

Constantly viewing messages, and notifications and keeping up with conversations can be draining.

Social media gurus like experts at The Center for Humane Technology promote periodic “dopamine fasts” from addictive social apps.

Muting Messenger conversations, or even ignoring all message threads, can be part of a healthy digital detox routine.

On the Messenger mobile app, you can easily ignore all active conversations in just a few taps – open the app menu, select “Ignored Messages,” and tap “Ignore All” at the top.

For the desktop apps/web, go to the Ignored Conversations menu and click “Ignore All Conversations” at the top.

With all Messenger conversations now muted, you can take a break from having to keep up with incoming messages.

Check in periodically by visiting the Ignored Messages folder, and unignore conversations when you’re ready to receive notifications again.

Using the ignore messages feature across all of your Messenger conversations is an easy way to step back from social apps and reduce digital noise for periods of better focus and mindfulness.

Message Ignore Settings and Limits

Messenger has a few built-in settings and limits to be aware of when using the ignore messages feature:

Mobile App Limits

  •  On iOS, you can only ignore up to 50 conversations at one time
  •  On Android, you can ignore up to 200 conversations at a time

Notification Exceptions

  •  You will still receive notifications for @mentions from contacts you’ve ignored in group conversations
  •  You will continue to receive notifications for calls (audio and video) from ignored contacts/chats

Time Limits

  • There’s no option to set time limits on ignoring messages – the ignore is indefinite until you choose to unignore the conversation
  • You can check the timestamps on ignored messages to see when the last activity happened

Other Limits

  • Archiving a conversation will not unignore messages
  • You cannot ignore messages from Facebook pages you follow; you’ll need to unfollow the page
  • You cannot ignore conversations where you are being added/re-added repeatedly

Beyond these limits, Messenger’s ignore feature offers powerful flexibility for tuning out conversations you want to mute temporarily or indefinitely.

Ignoring on Messenger: Take Control of Your Notifications

Constantly receiving Messenger notifications from certain group chats, contacts, and unimportant conversations can be a major distraction.

The ability to ignore messages on Messenger helps you reduce notification noise when you need to focus.

Whether you want to mute specific conversations or take a bigger social media detox by ignoring all messages, Messenger’s built-in ignore tools let you customize your notification preferences.

Follow the steps we’ve outlined for both mobile and desktop, and start taking control of your Messenger inbox and notifications.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: How do I know if I’ve ignored a conversation on Messenger?

Ans:  Ignored conversations will have a crescent moon icon next to them on mobile apps and in the sidebar on desktop/web.

Q: Can I still see messages from conversations I’ve ignored?

Ans: Yes, you can view the full history and any new incoming messages by opening the “Ignored Messages” folder/section. However, you won’t receive notifications for those conversations.

Q: Will people know if I’ve ignored their messages?

Ans: No, ignoring a conversation just mutes notifications on your end. The other person won’t know you’ve specifically ignored their messages.

Q: Can I set a time limit for how long conversations are ignored?

Ans: Unfortunately no, Messenger does not have a built-in option to ignore messages for a specific duration. Ignored conversations stay muted indefinitely until you manually unignore them.

Q: What’s the difference between ignoring messages and blocking/ignoring contacts?

Ans: Ignoring a conversation just mutes notifications from that specific chat. Blocking or ignoring contacts prevents all calls, messages, etc. from them across Messenger.

Q: How many conversations can I ignore at once on Messenger?

Ans: On iOS, you’re limited to ignoring up to 50 conversations simultaneously. On Android, you can ignore up to 200 conversations.

Q: Do I still get notified if someone mentions me in an ignored group chat?

Ans: Yes, you’ll still receive notifications if someone @mentions you specifically, even if you’ve ignored the group conversation.

Q: Can I ignore message requests on Messenger from people I’m not connected with?

Ans: There’s currently no direct way to ignore message requests themselves. You can only ignore conversations from existing contacts/connections.


In today’s fast-paced digital world, constant notifications from messaging apps like Messenger can be overwhelming and distracting.

The ability to ignore and unignore messages on Messenger offers a powerful solution to take back control over your notification preferences and maintain focus when needed.

By leveraging the ignore messages feature on both mobile and desktop platforms, you can temporarily mute specific conversations, group chats, or even all messaging threads.

This allows you to create dedicated periods of uninterrupted concentration, free from the constant pings of incoming messages.

However, ignoring messages doesn’t mean losing valuable communication altogether.

Messenger’s intuitive interface makes it easy to check your ignored messages at your convenience and catch up on any important updates or conversations you may have missed.

Ultimately, the ignore messages function serves as a valuable tool for achieving a healthy balance between staying connected and avoiding notification overload.

Whether you’re seeking to minimize distractions during work hours, take a temporary break from social media, or simply prioritize your most important conversations,

Messenger’s ignore and unignore capabilities empower you to curate your messaging experience according to your unique needs.

By understanding the nuances of ignoring messages versus ignoring contacts, setting appropriate limits, and utilizing the various settings and options available,

You can create a personalized messaging environment that fosters productivity, mindfulness, and a sense of control over your digital interactions.

In an increasingly connected world, the ability to selectively filter and manage your messaging notifications is invaluable.

Embrace the power of ignoring and unignoring messages on Messenger, and reclaim your focus, productivity, and peace of mind.

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