Top 7 Free Most Popular Games in the World {Best In 2024}

Free Most Popular Games – in the World During the pandemic, the tendency of people to play the world’s most popular games is increasing.
Until some people make games a diurnal routine exertion to fill their spare time.

Gamers, do you know what are the most popular games in the world in 2023?

7 Most Popular Games in the World

Playing games in your spare time is delightfulEspecially if the game has an instigative story and intriguing gameplay.
Not only played but indeed now numerous are turning gaming into a profession.
These professionals are frequently called pro players, they will play for a platoon and share in several prestigious game events.

Free Most Popular Games in the World

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In some eventsindeed the prizes given are relatively large due to backingstimulants from the world’s elite companies.

In addition, there are now numerous content generators of gaming who can earn plutocrats from playing games and uploading their games on their YouTube channels.

Not many of them are successful in reaching millions of subscribers.

Some of these marvels are decreasingly prodding game inventors to be suitable to make stylish games popular and played by numerous people.

Especially in an epidemic situation, people playing games are adding compared to ahead.

But do you know what are the most popular games in the world in 2023? Then’s a review for you

The Most Popular Game in the World in 2023

This time, there are relatively many popular games that you can try to get relieved of tedium. The further online game inventors, the further recommendations for games that you can play.

1. PUBG – Playerunknowns Battlegrounds

PUBG – Playerunknowns Battlegrounds

The PUBG game is in first position as the most popular game in the world in 2023.

This game was first launched in 2018. Now the number of players is further than 100 million players.

As time goes by, PUBG is continuously learning online games on the internet.

This battle royale kidney game can be played by 99 people at formerly while playing.

This game is veritably popular because of the plates and real situations where real situation maps and operations are shown it.

There are several types of charts with models and plates that have their own oneness.

The players win the game if they survive the situation and kill all the caching adversaries.

2. Minecraft


This game was developed by Mojang Studios 10 times agoneNow the number of players reached 95 million players.

In this gameplayers must survive and make their lot, and have full authority to take over structurescreatures, people, and food.

It’s a 3D sandbox game without numerous limitations and allows druggies to do whatever they want.

Some of the modes are survival mode, adventure mode, creative mode, and onlooker mode.

3. Apex Legends

Apex Legends

Apex Legends were developed by Respawn Entertainment in 2019. Now this game can be played by 50 million online players in 1 month.

Apex Legends has been roaring since its release in 2019.

Because this game can be the answer for those who like the war kidney but aren’t suckers of PUBG or Fortnite.

The game has 6 players in brigades with three players in a team remaining on an islet to use coffers and other munitions against the other platoon at that time.

This team has a charge to spend coffers and munitions to fight against other outfits. The remaining team with more players will win this game.

4. Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite Battle Royale

The game was first released in 2017 and developed by Epic GamesNow the number of players has reached 45 million players.

This game has been included in the list of the world’s most popular online games since 2017. Indeed now, this game still attracts a large number of players as numerous as 39 million people, because it has quite a dramatic effect.

It’s just that its fashionability isn’t taken into account because Fortnite is more dominantly popular among boys. Meanwhile, PUBG has managed to attract the attention of both boys and girls.

This game has a lot of features, outfits, and game stages with more players.

5. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike Global Offensive

Who doesn’t know this instigative game? This game was released in 2012 by Valve Corporation. Now the number of players reached 35 million online players.

This game is veritably popular with people because players can choose to be a terrorist or counter-terrorist.

In this game, the player must emplace and plant loserscomplete operationssecure locales, kill terrorists, and guard hostages which are shown on the chart.

6. Hearthstone


This game has now been played by 30 million playersFirst released in 2012 and produced by Blizzard Entertainment.

The Roof is a digital card game kidney game released in 2014 by Blizzard Entertainment. After that, this game incontinently came the belle of card game kidney suckers.

presently, the game formerly has a mobile platform interpretation and carries across-platform pointstherefore making players more playing Hearthstone games.

7. League of Legends

League of Legends

Indeed though it has passed its florescence, Riot Games as the inventor and publisher of this game has not given up on promoting League of Legends.

putatively, in 2020, they released League of Legends in a mobile interpretation entitled League of Legends Wild Rift and incontinently entered a positive response from their suckers.

In this game, all players have control to choose their champion who can contend with other titleholders.

This RPG-themed multiplayer action game is known for its stunning and stupendous plates with lots of fun at every position.
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