11 Possible Fixes to Solve the “Mobile Network Not Available” Error on Android {In 2024}

Fixes to Solve the – Some ways you can fix the “Mobile network not available” error on your Android

Are you getting a” Mobile network not available” error on your Android phone?

Do not worry because there are many simple tricks you can try to break this!

11 Possible Fixes to Solve the Mobile Network Not Available Error on Android
11 Possible Fixes to Solve the Mobile Network Not Available Error on Android

This wikiHow composition lists many different tricks that you can use to fix the” Mobile network not available” error.

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Effects You Should Know

  • There are a variety of reasons why you’d get the” Mobile network not available” error including glitches in your settingspalace service, or billing issues.
  • The easiestswift, and utmost dependable fix is to turn on and off Airplane Mode on your Android and also renew it.
  • Take out, clean, and reinsert your SIM card to refresh that connection.


Common Fixes


screen and tap the airplane icon.

Toggle Airplane Mode. Turn Airplane Mode on and off, which will also renew your cellular data network on your phone.

  • Go to Settings> Network & Internet/ Connection & sharing> Aeroplane Mode and tap the switch to toggle it on and off again. You can also swipe down from the top of your screen and tap the airplane icon.

renew yourAndroid.However, try resetting your phone, If turning on and off Airplane Mode did not work for you.

The error may be caused by an aged background app or temporary train that is congesting up your system and resuming should clear the issue.


Remove and clean the SIM( if you have one). still, your SIM card may have pulled out of place or is reading inadequately, If resuming your phone did not work.

However, skip this step, If your phone uses an eSIM.

  • To remove your SIM cardturn off your phone, and also use a smallsharp tool, like an unbent paperclip, to eject your SIM charger. After the charger is ejected, gently remove your SIM card, and clean it( wipe down the metallic face with a detergent wipe or a cotton tar dipped in rubbing alcohol). Reinsert it and turn your phone back on.
  • Still, you may need to replace it, If your SIM looks really dirty or grimy.

To renew your phone, press and hold the Volume Down and Power buttons for about 10- 20 seconds or until your phone shuts down( the screen will be black).

Let go of those buttons, and you should see the Android totem as your phone restarts.


Update your software. However, you might run into some issues, If you have not streamlined in a while.

  • streamlining is easySimply go to Settings> Software Update About Phone> Download and Install. Your phone will renew to apply the update.
  • To make sure that you get the update, connect to Wi-Fi rather than using mobile data, which gives you the error.


Turn off Data rovingroving takes over when you are not in an area covered under your plan‘s cellular data, like if you are traveling internationally.

However, you may get error dispatches, If you have to bat on and you are always in content from your provider.

  • To turn Data roving off, go to Settings> Network & Internet/ ConnectionsMobile NetworksRoving and tap the switch to toggle it off.


Move to a different positionperhaps your phone’s signal is blocked by a thick wall that has essence in it, or you are in an area with poor reception.
However, get to another position for better signal strength, If you can.



Advanced Solutions


Reset network settingsoccasionally your network settings are a little jumbled and resetting it’s what you need to fix your Android’s error.

When you reset these settings, you will not lose any data or saved lines, but you’ll lose your Word or any homemade settings that you applied to the network.

  • To reset your network settingsgo to SettingsSystem/ General operation> Reset> Reset WiFi, mobile & Bluetooth/ Reset network settings> Reset settings. Your phone will renew with network settings reset to derelictionTry connecting to the internet again or making a phone call to see if you get the” Mobile network not available” error.


Switch mobile network drivers( not available on some basis). generally, your phone automatically detects which mobile network is stylish for you to use. But this can occasionally mess up.

  • To switch mobile network driversgo to SettingsConnectionsMobile networksNetwork drivers> Automatic or Manual. However, pick Manual, If you are formerly onAutomatic.However, pick Automatic, If you are presently on Manual.


Change network types. However, you can conclude to use LTE specifically, If your phone uses 5G and that’s unapproachable near you. Do not use this menu if you are doubtful of what you are doing.

  • To change network typestelephone *# *# 4636# *# * and a new menu will appear. Tap Phone informationRun Ping Test and after you get that informationvalve Set the favored network type and elect either GSM, LTE, or LTE/ UMTSoptions.However, you can change which network type you are using, If you still get the error. However, change it back to dereliction, If none of them work for you.


plant reset. Resetting your Android to plant settings will cancel all your particular information, but it’ll also restore apps, lines, and dereliction settings.

  • You should first make a backup of your current Android settings and lines. To produce a backover, go to SettingsAccounts & ProvisoryBack up Data> Back over now.
  • To reset, go to SettingsGeneral operation> Reset> plant data reset> Reset. Enter your Leg if urged.


communicate with your service provider. However, there might becommodity wrong with your account, If you’ve tried everything then but are still getting a” Mobile network not available” error.
perhaps your provider turned off your mobile network due to payment issues or the palace in your area is down and you did not know!

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