How To Fix Telegram Limit Exceeded on iPhone Best {In 2024}

Fix Telegram Limit Exceeded on iPhone – When new to Telegram, you may encounter a cornucopia of issues, and knowing how to fix them saves time and trouble.

Telegram is a messaging platform, and multitudinous addicts enjoy using Telegram for its security features.

When using Telegram, you may encounter the “ limit exceeded, please try again ” error.

How To Fix Telegram Limit Exceeded on iPhone

The leading cause of Telegram’s “ limit exceeded ” error on iPhone is if you’ve deleted your Telegram account multiple times recently.

The error limits you from piercing your Telegram account for a period. There is no specific fix for this error.

still, you’ll notice it automatically disappears after a given time, which could be days or weeks. therefore, the most you can do is stay.

We’ll cover what the Telegram limit exceeded error on iPhone means and how to fix it.

Further, we will bat other common Telegram crimes and how to fix them, analogous that by the end of this companion, you’ll have different tips for troubleshooting Telegram crimes. Let’s get started!

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How To Fix Telegram Limit Exceeded on iPhone

still, it means that you have reached the maximum number of times you can perform a certain action within a specific time frame If you’re getting a” Telegram limit exceeded” communication on your iPhone while using Telegram.

This is a security measure enforced by Telegram to help spam and abuse.

To fix this issue, you can try the following

  1. stay it out In utmost cases, the limit is temporary and will be lifted after a certain quantum of timeSo, you can stay for many twinkles or hours and try again later.
  2. Reduce your operation If you’re constantly hitting the limit, you may need to reduce your operation of Telegram or decelerate the rate at which you’re performing certain conductsimilar to transferring dispatches or joining groups.
  3. Upgrade your account If you have an introductory Telegram account, you may be limited in the number of conducts you can performelevation to a paid account can increase your limits and give you access to further features.
  4. Contact Telegram Support If none of the below results work, you can contact Telegram Support for backing. They may be suitable to help you resolve the issue or give further information about why you’re hitting the limit.
Note that some conductsuch as encouraging dispatches to multiple exchanges or joining too numerous groups in a short period of time, can spark the limit.
 So, it’s important to be aware of your operation and avoid conduct that may violate Telegram’s programs.

Other Telegram Login Crimes and Their Fixes

There are several other login crimes you may encounter while using Telegram, along with their possible fixes

  1. ” Phone number is banned” This error communication indicates that your phone number has been banned from using Telegram. This can be if you violate Telegram’s terms of service or community guidelines. To fix this, you’ll need to communicate with Telegram Support and explain the situation to see if they can lift the ban.
  2. ” Invalid phone number” This error communication means that the phone number you entered isn’t validMake sure you’re entering the correct phone numberincluding the country law, and that it’s an active phone number that can admit SMS dispatches.
  3. ” Code is invalid or has expired” This error communication means that the verification law you entered is either incorrect or has expiredMake sure you’re entering the correct law and that you’re using it within the time limit specified.
  4. ” Login law is incorrect” This error communication means that the login law you entered isn’t correctMake sure you’re entering the correct law and that you’re using it within the time limit specified.
  5. ” Please stay many twinkles before trying again” This error communication means that you have exceeded the number of login attempts within a certain period of timestay for many twinkles before trying again.
  6. ” Failed to connect to garçon” This error communication indicates that there’s a problem with the Telegram waitersTry again later.
  7. ” Account is formerly logged in” This error communication means that your Telegram account is formerly logged in on another deviceMake sure you’re logged out from other biases before trying to log in again.
still, you can try reinstalling the Telegram app or reaching Telegram Support for backing, If none of the below results work.

Error# 1 Too numerous Attempts

The” Too numerous Attempts” error on Telegram occurs when you try to log in or corroborate your account with an incorrect law too numerous times within a certain time period.

This error is a security measure to help brute-force attacks and cover your account.

To fix this error, you can follow the way

  1. stay for some time The error communication generally includes a timekeeper that indicates how long you need to stay before trying againstay until the timekeeper is up before trying to log in or corroborate your account again.
  2. Clear app data and cache If the error persists, you can try clearing the Telegram app data and cache on your device. To do this, go to your device‘s settingsselect” Apps & announcements,” find Telegram, and elect” Storage.” From there, select” Clear data” and” Clear cache.”
  3. Use a different phone number If you continue to admit the error communication, you can try using a different phone number to corroborate your account. You can use a different phone number that you enjoy, or ask a friend or family member to advance your phone number temporarily.
  4. Contact Telegram support If none of the below results work, you can communicate with Telegram support for further backing. They may be suitable to help you resolve the issue or give further information about why you’re passing the error.
It’s important to note that if you continue to admit this error communication constantly, it may indicate that someone is trying to pierce your account without your authorization.
In this case, you should takefresh way to secure your accountsimilar to changing your word and enabling two-factor authentication.

Error #2: Phone Number is Banned

The” Phone Number is Banned” error on Telegram occurs when your phone number is permanently banned from using Telegram.

This can be if you violate Telegram’s terms of service or community guidelines, or if your account is involved in spam or other maxxxous conditioning.

To fix this error, you can follow the way

  1. Contact Telegram Support The first step is to communicate with Telegram support and explain the situationgive as important information as possibleincluding your phone number, username, and any applicable details about the ban. Telegram support will review your case and determine if the ban can be lifted.
  2. stay for a response After reaching Telegram support, you’ll need to stay for a response. Telegram support generally responds within many days, but it can take longer depending on the volume of requests they admit.
  3. produce a new account If your phone number is permanently banned, you won’t be able to use that number to produce a new Telegram accountrather, you’ll need to use a different phone number to produce a new accountBe sure to follow Telegram’s terms of service and community guidelines to avoid getting banned again.
It’s important to note that trying to bypass a ban by creating a new account with a different phone number can lead to further bans and implicit legal consequences.
It’s always stylish to communicate with Telegram support and follow their instructions to resolve the issue.

Error #3: Deleted Telegram Account

If you have deleted your Telegram account and want to restore it.

still, you can follow this way

  1. Open the Telegram app: Open the Telegram app on your device.
  2. Enter your phone number: Enter the phone number associated with your deleted Telegram account.
  3. Tap” Forgot word?” If your account was deleted, you’ll see the” Forgot word?” option rather than the” Log In” option. Tap on it.
  4. Enter the verification law Telegram will shoot a verification law to the phone number you handed inEnter the law when urged.
  5. Enter your old word After entering the verification law, you’ll be urged to enter your old wordEnter the word you used for your deleted account.
  6. Confirm account restoration: Telegram will ask you to confirm that you want to restore your deleted account. If you confirm, your account will be restored, and you can start using it again.

It’s important to note that you can only restore a deleted Telegram account within a certain time frame. After a certain period of time has passed, your account and its data will be permanently deleted and cannot be restored.

still, or if your account has been deleted for a long time, you can communicate with Telegram support for further backing, If you’re having trouble restoring your account.

Error# 4 Forgotten word

If you have forgotten your Telegram Word. still, you can follow this way to reset it

  1. Open the Telegram app: Open the Telegram app on your device.
  2. Tap on “Log In”: Tap on the “Log In” button.
  3. Tap” Forgot word?” Tap on the” Forgot word?” option below the word field.
  4. Enter your phone number Enter the phone number associated with your Telegram account.
  5. corroborate your identity Telegram will shoot a verification law to the phone number you handedEnter the law when urged.
  6. Reset your word After entering the verification law, you’ll be urged to enter a new word for your account.
  7. Confirm the new word After entering the new wordconfirm it by entering it again.
  8. Log in with your new word Once you have reset your word, you can log in to your Telegram account with your new word.

still, or if you don’t have access to the phone number associated with your account, you can communicate with Telegram support for further backing, If you’re still having trouble resetting your word.

They may be suitable to help you reset your word or give you other options to pierce your account.


Telegram is a popular messaging app that can encounter colorful login crimes. The most common login crimes include” Too numerous Attempts“,” Phone Number is Banned“,” Deleted Telegram Account” and” Forgotten word“.

For the” Too numerous Attempts” error, you can stay for some timeclear app data and cacheuse a different phone number, or contact Telegram support for further backing.

For the” Phone Number is Banned” error, you can communicate with Telegram support and wait for a response.

However, you’ll need to produce a new account with a different phone number, If your phone number is permanently banned.

For the” Deleted Telegram Account” error, you can restore your account within a certain time frame by entering your phone number and old word.

For the” Forgotten word” error, you can reset your word by entering your phone numbervindicating your identity, and creating a new word.

still, you can always communicate with Telegram support for further backing, If you encounter any other login crimes or have difficulty resolving these crimes.

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