Fix Error 0xc00007b In Windows 10 Or 11 | Application Was Unable To Start Correctly In 2023

The 0xc00007b error – also known as the “Application was unable to start correctly” error, can prevent applications and games from launching properly in Windows 10 and 11.

This frustrating error is often caused by missing or corrupted system files, incompatible applications, or a range of other issues.

Fix Error 0xc00007b In Windows 10 Or 11

Fortunately, there are several potential solutions you can try to resolve the 0xc00007b error and get your apps functioning again.

Fix Error 0xc00007b In Windows 10 Or 11

Section 1: What Causes the 0xc00007b Error?

What Causes the 0xc00007b Error

The 0xc00007b error has a number of potential causes, including:

Corrupted or missing system files – System files like DLLs can become corrupted or accidentally deleted, preventing applications from launching.

Issues with Windows updates – Windows updates can sometimes go awry and cause system file problems. Rolling back recent updates may help.

Incompatible or malformed applications – Apps that are poorly made or incompatible with your version of Windows can trigger the 0xc00007b error.

Driver problems – Outdated, missing, or corrupted drivers can lead to conflicts and the 0xc00007b error.

Registry issues – The Windows registry stores system configuration settings which can get corrupted and cause system instability.

Malware or viruses – Malicious software sometimes tampers with system files leading to the 0xc00007b error.

Hard drive errors – Physical damage and bad sectors on the hard drive can cause system file corruption.

So in summary, the 0xc00007b error ultimately stems from an issue with system files, drivers, or settings on your PC being incorrect or corrupted in some way.

Section 2: How to Fix the 0xc00007b Error

How to Fix the 0xc00007b Error

If you encounter the dreaded 0xc00007b error, there are a number of steps you can take to troubleshoot and resolve the problem:

Restart your computer – A simple restart will often clear up the 0xc00007b error.

Reinstall the application – Uninstalling and reinstalling the problematic application can replace any missing or corrupt files.

Update drivers – Download and install the latest drivers for your graphics card, sound card, motherboard, and other hardware.

Update Windows – Install the latest Windows updates which may fix system file errors.

Use System File Checker – Run SFC /Scannow in Command Prompt to scan for corrupted system files and restore them.

Roll back updates – Uninstall recent Windows updates which may be causing compatibility issues.

Scan for malware – Use antivirus software to scan for and remove any malware or viruses.

Reset Windows – Resetting Windows will reinstall system files and settings to factory condition.

Clean boot – Booting into clean boot can help determine if background apps and services are causing the issue.

Rebuild BCD – Use Command Prompt to rebuild the boot configuration data store which contains boot options.

Repair or replace hard drive – A damaged or failing hard drive may need to be repaired or replaced if it is causing file corruption.

Reinstall Windows – As a last resort, you can perform a clean install of Windows to start fresh with a new system file configuration.

With some targeted troubleshooting, you should be able to determine what is causing the 0xc00007b error on your system and take steps to resolve it.

Section 3: Preventing Future 0xc00007b Errors

Once you’ve corrected the 0xc00007b error, you can take proactive measures to prevent it from occurring again in the future:

Keep your system and software updated – Use Windows Update and software updates to stay current and prevent compatibility issues.

Be careful when installing new programs – Only download reputable software to avoid malware or other system issues.

Clean out old program files – Uninstall programs you no longer use and delete associated program files.

Use antivirus and anti-malware – Protect your system from viruses, malware, and other threats.

Maintain your hard drives – Run disk cleanup and defragmentation to keep hard drives in good working order.

Back up your computer – Back up important data so you have to restore points to revert to if problems emerge.

Monitor system stability – Check Event Viewer for error messages indicating emerging problems.

Avoid excessive customization – Don’t tamper excessively with system files or settings if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Seek help when needed – Don’t hesitate to consult a computer technician if you’re unable to resolve a 0xc00007b error yourself.

Catching and resolving small system problems quickly can go a long way toward preventing frustrating errors like 0xc00007b. Maintaining your Windows PC properly will lead to improved stability and less downtime when errors do occur.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the 0xc00007b error?

Ans: The 0xc00007b error is also known as the “Application was unable to start correctly” error. It prevents applications and programs from launching properly in Windows.

Q: What causes the 0xc00007b error to appear?

Ans: Potential causes include corrupted system files, driver issues, Windows registry problems, malware infections, hard drive errors, and incompatible or poorly made programs.

Q: What are some solutions for fixing the 0xc00007b error?

Ans: Solutions include restarting your PC, reinstalling applications, updating drivers and Windows, using System File Checker, rolling back updates, scanning for malware, resetting Windows, repairing your hard drive, and reinstalling Windows.

Q: How can I prevent future 0xc00007b errors?

Ans: Keep your system updated, carefully install new software, remove old program files, use antivirus tools, perform hard drive maintenance, back up your computer, monitor system stability, avoid excessive customization, and seek help when needed.

Q: What happens if I can’t resolve the 0xc00007b error through troubleshooting?

Ans: If you cannot resolve the issue yourself, it’s best to seek assistance from a qualified computer technician who can diagnose the specific cause and advise the best solution.

Q: Is the 0xc00007b error harmful to my computer?

Ans: The 0xc00007b error itself does not harm your computer, but it can be a sign of an underlying problem like system file corruption. It’s best to address it promptly before it leads to further issues.

Q: Can the 0xc00007b error appear randomly or during a Windows update?

Ans: Yes, it is possible for the 0xc00007b error to appear randomly after working normally or after a Windows update triggers compatibility issues. Applying post-update fixes can often resolve it.

Q: Does this error only affect certain applications?

Ans: The 0xc00007b error usually only affects certain programs. Reinstalling or updating the affected application can often resolve the issue. If multiple programs are affected, then it indicates a wider system problem.


The “Application was unable to start correctly (0xc00007b)” error can stop programs dead in their tracks, but armed with the right troubleshooting techniques you can get to the source of the problem and get it fixed.

Check for malware, system corruption, compatibility issues, or hard drive errors and address any problems discovered. Prevent future 0xc00007b errors by keeping your system properly maintained and monitored.

With the right approach, you can eliminate this error and maintain a smoothly running Windows 10 or 11 computer.

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