How to Download and Play Raji: An Ancient Epic on Android {in 2024}

Download and Play Raji – Raji: An Ancient Epic has quickly become one of the most acclaimed action-adventure games on mobile since its launch on Android devices.

With its breathtaking setting rooted in Indian mythology, fluid combat, and engaging story, Raji provides an epic and emotional journey that stays with you long after completion.

If you own an Android smartphone or tablet and want to experience Raji, this comprehensive guide will teach you everything you need – from the game’s key features and storyline to gameplay tips, technical requirements, and ultimately why Raji is a must-play title on Android today.

Download and Play Raji
Download and Play Raji

Raji: An Ancient Epic is an action-adventure game developed by Nodding Heads Games and published by It was initially released in August 2020 for Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC to critical praise.

Download and Play Raji

What stood out about Raji was its setting and narrative based on ancient Indian mythology and Hinduism.

The fictional story follows Raji, a young girl chosen by the gods to stand against the demon lord Mahabalasura and his foul minions who threaten the human realm.

Players control Raji from a third-person perspective and must traverse several expansive levels full of puzzles, platforming challenges, and intense combat against all manner of demons and mythical beasts.

Core gameplay centers around melee weapons like the trident and mace as well as ranged bow attacks and magical abilities.

Raji’s hand-painted visuals and intricate level design bring an undeniably gorgeous and immersive representation of mythological India.

The game features both environmental and narrative exploration as you uncover Raji’s motivations and personality through an emotional story.

Some key features that define Raji: An Ancient Epic:

Some key features that define Raji

  • A story and setting inspired by Hinduism and Balinese mythology with fictional elements.
  • Stunning hand-painted graphics evoke a mystical ancient India with varied environments.
  • Satisfying combat system with responsive controls allowing players to chain together combos and secondary attacks.
  • Unique arsenal of weapons including the trident, chakra, stave, and bow & arrow adapted from mythological lore.
  • Puzzles and platforming challenges that require creative use of Raji’s skills and abilities.
  • Epic boss battles against demon lords, ferocious beasts, and mystical guardians.
  • An unforgettable journey for Raji as players discover her personality and motivations.
  • Haunting soundtrack that complements the narrative and gameplay perfectly.

Raji received critical praise for its stunning artistic direction, enjoyable gameplay, and emotional storytelling. At the 2020 Game Awards, it deservedly won the award for Best Debut Indie Game.

With the launch of Raji on Android in late 2022, the game is now available to even more players craving a memorable single-player experience on their mobile devices.

How to Download Raji: An Ancient Epic on Your Android Device

How to Download Raji

Raji: An Ancient Epic can be easily downloaded and installed from the Google Play Store on any Android 5.1 and above device.

Follow these simple steps to get Raji on your Android phone or tablet today:

1. Open the Play Store app on your Android device. Access your app’s menu or home screen to launch the Play Store.

2. Use the search bar to look for “Raji”. The game should show up as the first result. Alternatively, you can search for the developer “Nodding Head Games”.

3. Tap on the Raji app icon from the search results. This will take you to the game’s Play Store page.

4. Hit the green “Install” button on the Raji page. This will begin the download process.

5. The Play Store will indicate the download size needed which is 1.1 GB for installing Raji on Android. Ensure you have sufficient storage space.

6. Once installed, tap on the “Open” button to instantly launch Raji on your device.

The entire process from searching for Raji on the Play Store to installing and opening it generally takes just 2-3 minutes. Ensure you have a stable internet connection for smooth download.

Raji is free to download on Android – there are no hidden charges. The game monetizes through occasional optional ads but the main story experience is uninterrupted.

You can also visit the official Raji game website and find download links for the Android version. However, the Play Store provides the simplest method to get Raji on your mobile device.

Amazing Raji Android Gameplay Tips and Strategies

Amazing Raji Android Gameplay Tips and Strategies

Raji on Android offers the same great mythological action-adventure experience as the console and PC versions did on launch. Here are some valuable tips to master Raji’s combat, exploration, and puzzles for the most fun and exciting gameplay on your mobile device:


  • Learn combos and secondary attacks for each weapon – mixing up moves is key to swiftly defeating demons.
  • Roll, dodge, and move constantly to avoid getting surrounded and overwhelmed. Don’t let mobs box you in.
  • Make full use of Raji’s acrobatic skills during combat – run along walls for unique flanking moves on enemies.
  • Use bow and chakra for airborne enemies and to attack from a distance when needed. Melee is ideal for most close-quarter fights.
  • Take advantage of environmental objects during combat – exploding barrels and collapsing pillars can damage groups of foes.
  • Adjust camera sensitivity to your preferences if needed – can help aim ranged attacks accurately.


  • Explore every area thoroughly and look for hidden paths and destructible walls. Useful powerups and treasures are often concealed.
  • Solve environmental puzzles completely to acquire new powers and abilities for Raji.
  • Talk to NPCs encountered to gain lore and narrative insights into Raji’s journey.
  • Revisit merchant stalls in between levels to spend gold on crucial health and attack upgrades.
  • Collect as many Varja shards as you can find – these allow fast traveling between certain checkpoints.


  • Play the first few levels slowly and get a feel for combat, controls, and mechanics before rushing in.
  • Customize control layouts and sensitivity as per your preferences – play to your strengths.
  • Observe enemy attack patterns during fights to recognize openings for counters and combos.
  • Use headphones or stereo speakers to fully appreciate Raji’s atmospheric audio design and soundtrack.
  • Save frequently at checkpoints to minimize repeating sections upon dying. Don’t neglect to save!
  • Adjust graphics settings based on your device’s capabilities. 60FPS with lower resolution offers smoother gameplay.

Take your time to enjoy the mythical realm of Raji and savor the combat encounters. While the action satisfies, you’ll also want to appreciate the game’s incredible art, design, and attention to Hindu mythology and culture.

Technical Requirements and Hardware Needed to Run Raji on Android

Raji: An Ancient Epic is a graphically intensive title compared to typical Android games. To enjoy smooth 60FPS gameplay, you will need a reasonably powerful recent mid-range or flagship device based on the following system requirements:

  • OS Version: Android 5.1 or later.
  • RAM: Minimum 2GB but 4GB+ recommended for optimal performance.
  • Processor: Snapdragon 835 equivalent or better. For example – Snapdragon 600 series or 700 series.
  • GPU: Adreno 530 or Mali G71 MP20. Most modern mobile chipsets meet this requirement.
  • Storage Space: 1.1GB free required as per Play Store listing.

Essentially, the following device categories can comfortably handle Raji at medium to high graphics settings:

  • Flagship phones from 2017-2018 onwards – Examples – OnePlus 5 and above, Samsung Galaxy S8/Note 8 and above.
  • Mid-range phones from 2018-2019 onwards – Examples – Xiaomi Poco F1, Vivo V15 Pro, Nokia 7 Plus and above.
  • Budget/older devices with lower CPU/GPU may struggle with stability and FPS. Test the game for 10-15 minutes and tweak quality settings.
  • Gamepads can optionally be paired over Bluetooth for physical controls – Xbox, DualShock, and more.

Of course, Raji will look and play best on modern flagship phones like the OnePlus 10 Pro or Galaxy S22 Ultra with powerful hardware. The game scales down nicely on older devices but performance may vary.

Testing Raji on Your Android Device

We recommend following these steps to test Raji’s performance on your Android before jumping into full gameplay:

1. Download and install Raji from the Play Store as covered earlier.

2. Launch the game and get past the initial cutscenes. Reach the first gameplay section.

3. Play for 10-15 minutes and test moving/looking around and getting into some combat.

4. Access the settings menu and tweak quality settings. Lower resolution if needed and disable unnecessary visual effects.

5. Check for stability and frame rate drops. Raji should run at a consistent 60FPS for a smooth experience.

6. If you face crashes or FPS lag, lower the settings further and test again. Granular adjustments can optimize performance.

7. If issues persist, your device hardware may not meet optimal requirements. Consider an upgrade for the best experience.

Testing out Raji across different quality presets for a short while will quickly reveal if your Android phone or tablet can handle the game well. Adjustments to resolution, FPS limit, and effects can help improve playability on weaker hardware.

Why Raji is a Must-Play on Android for Mythology Fans

For Android gamers seeking a memorable single-player adventure deeply rooted in Hindu lore and mythology, Raji: An Ancient Epic is easy to recommend and deserves a spot on your device.

Here are some key reasons why Raji is a compelling play on Android today:

  • Provides a fresh and captivating take on ancient Hindu mythology not often seen in games. The setting and characters truly stand out.
  • Artistic visuals and detailed environment design result in an incredibly gorgeous and immersive representation of mythological India.
  • Accessible but nuanced combat design makes battling hordes of demons exciting without being too complex on mobile.
  • Well-integrated puzzles and platforming challenges add gameplay variety beyond just combat.
  • The story and Raji’s personal journey make this more than just an action-focused experience.
  • Lengthy adventure spanning over 10 hours of gameplay and several exotic locations. Great value for money.
  • Polished performance and stability even on mid-range Android chipsets.
  • No paywalls or monetization affecting the main storyline – bonuses remain optional.

Raji is a remarkable achievement that does justice to Indian mythology through its gameplay and narrative. It is easily among the most premium feeling and valuable single-player experiences currently available on Android platforms.

Verdict – Download Raji for a Mythological Epic on Android

Raji: An Ancient Epic brings PC and console-quality presentation and gameplay to Android in an acclaimed package that is well worth experiencing. The game’s fascinating mythological backdrop provides a sense of originality and freshness to the action-adventure genre.

While the combat and exploration mechanics are familiar, they are exceptionally well-executed with polished controls. Raji herself is a memorable and emotionally resonant protagonist that players will undoubtedly get attached to.

Thanks to optimization and graphics scaling, Raji is playable on a wide variety of fairly recent Android devices. As long as your phone or tablet meets the minimum requirements, you are in for an engrossing 10-hour mythological journey with some truly unforgettable moments sprinkled throughout.

So if you love Indian mythology or just enjoy third-person action titles with strong art direction and stories, don’t hesitate to download Raji: An Ancient Epic on your Android device today. Take on the great demon hordes, discover ancient secrets, and experience Raji’s timeless legend for yourself.

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