How to Cancel Movie Tickets on the Paytm App {In 2024}

Cancel Movie Tickets on the Paytm App – The Paytm app makes booking movie tickets quick and convenient.

However, sometimes plans can change after you’ve purchased tickets through the app. If you need to cancel movie tickets on Paytm, the process is simple.

How to Cancel Movie Tickets on the Paytm App

This step-by-step guide will show you exactly how to cancel movie tickets in the Paytm app so you can get a refund.

How to Cancel Movie Tickets on the Paytm App


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The main body section 1 (Steps to cancel tickets)

Step 1 – Open the Paytm app and go to ‘Movies’
To cancel your movie tickets purchased on Paytm, open the latest version of the Paytm app on your phone.

Once the app is open, tap on the “Movies” icon at the bottom of the screen. This will take you to the Movies section where your purchased tickets are stored.


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Step 2 – Go into ‘Purchased Tickets’ and select the tickets
On the Movies screen, tap on “Purchased Tickets”.

This will open a list of all movie tickets you’ve booked through the Paytm app. Scroll through this list and select the show timing for the tickets you wish to cancel. Note: You can only cancel tickets before showtime.


Purchased tickets on Paytm, tickets to cancel, show timings

Step 3 – Click on ‘Cancel Booking’ to initiate cancellation

After selecting the show timing for the movie tickets you want to cancel, click on “Cancel Booking” at the bottom of the page. This will initiate the cancellation process for that particular show.


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Step 4 – Provide the cancellation Reason and Submit the Request

Once you click on ‘Cancel Booking’, Paytm will ask you to provide a reason for cancellation from the given options.

Select the option that fits your reason for canceling the movie tickets, and click ‘Submit Request.’ This will send your cancellation request to Paytm for processing.


Paytm ticket cancellation reason, submit cancellation request, cancel ticket request

Step 5 – Accept Partial Waiver of Convenience Fees

Paytm may charge you some cancellation and convenience fees. On the next screen, Paytm will ask if you agree to pay the partial waiver of convenience fees for cancellation.

You must accept this by checking the box to proceed. Paytm will absorb some cancellation costs while charging you minor fees.


Paytm cancellation fees, partial waiver convenience fees, accept cancellation charges

Step 6 – Confirm Cancellation

After accepting the partial waiver of convenience fees, Paytm will show you the final confirmation screen to cancel your movie tickets.

Verify all details like cancellation fees (if any), number of tickets, show details, etc., and tap ‘Confirm Cancellation’ to cancel your movie ticket booking.


Confirm ticket cancellation Paytm, final cancellation confirmation, verify cancellation details

Main body section 2 (Important points)

Useful Tips for Hassle-free Cancellation

Here are some useful tips to keep in mind to make ticket cancellation smooth on Paytm:

Check cancellation cut-off timing

Check cancellation cut-off timing

Every movie show has a cancellation cut-off period before which you have to cancel tickets to get a full refund. This is usually 1 hour before showtime but may vary. Check this before cancellation.

Link payment method for a fast refund

Make sure your bank account, UPI, or wallet is linked in the Paytm app. This will help Paytm directly process any eligible refund amount to your linked payment method.

Save confirmation message

Take a screenshot of the final cancellation confirmation message by Paytm for future reference. It can help resolve any refund issues.

Check the refund status in the wallet

Check the refund status in the wallet

The refund amount can take 2-3 days to be credited back to your account. You can check the status of any pending refunds in the Paytm wallet section of the app.

Main body section 3 (FAQs)

Heading: Frequently Asked Questions
Do you still have some queries about canceling movie tickets on Paytm? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Q. How much is the cancellation charge for movie tickets on Paytm?

The cancellation fee for tickets booked via Paytm is usually 20% of the Paytm convenience fees that were charged at the time of booking. Additional payment gateway taxes may also apply in some cases.

Q. How to get a refund for canceled Paytm tickets?

If eligible for a refund, the amount will automatically be credited back to the account/payment method you used to book the movie tickets within 2-3 business days post-cancellation.

Q. Can I cancel partially booked tickets on Paytm?

No, partial cancellation is not possible. The cancellation process cancels all tickets in a single booking at once.I got an error during the cancellation. What to do?

Some errors like unable to find booking, show expired, etc may appear if you try to cancel tickets too late. We advise attempting cancellation at least 2 hours before showtime to avoid any errors.


We hope this detailed guide covers everything you need to know to easily cancel movie tickets booked via the Paytm app and get a refund conveniently.

Paytm makes the cancellation flow swift and simple for customers within defined terms. In case of any ticket booking or cancellation issues, you can reach Paytm’s customer support for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q.  What if I do not get a refund after cancellation?

Ans: If you have not received a refund after a successful ticket cancellation and it has been over 5 working days, reach out to Paytm customer care. There may be some technical issue delaying it.

Q. Can I reschedule tickets instead of cancel?

Ans: Unfortunately, there is no option to reschedule Paid movie tickets on Paytm. You will have to cancel tickets and book new ones.

Q. Is there a cancellation fee for reimbursement bookings?

Ans: For tickets booked via reimbursement mode (company booking for employees), normal cancellation fees may not apply. However, convenience fees will still be charged.

Q. Can I get a cancellation offline without using the app?

Ans: Cancellation on the Paytm app is the only method for movie tickets booked online. You cannot cancel offline directly at cinema halls for such bookings.

Q. What details are needed for cancellation?

Ans: You just need your Paytm login credentials. Details like registered mobile number, ticket booking number, etc are automatically fetched once you log in to the app.

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