Top 10 Best Launcher Apps For Android {In 2024}

Best Launcher Apps For Android – The Stylish Launcher Apps For Android surfaced thanks to the dominance of Android.
The dominance over other mobile operating systems is due incompletely to the convenience of unlimited customization handed to its druggies.
This Mobile Launcher is one of the foremost customizable corridors of Android.

10 Best Launcher Apps For Android

What is the Android launcher?

the Android launcher

Apps For Android An Android smartphone can not be operated without Launcher Apps, which consists of a home screen and a roster of all the operations available on your device.

That is why every device comes with an erected-in launcher that comes pre-installed. for this case, Google Pixel bias is compere-installed with Pixel Launcher.

Why use a third-party launcher?

The answer to the present question is sort of simple, i.e. third- party launchers offer druggies unlimited customization options which will be customized harmoniously with their requirements.

To save you the difficulty of browsing numerous launchers on the Play Storehere are the loftiest 10 stylish launcher apps for Android.

The operations are going to be described in sufficient detail alongside the download links at the gemstone bottom of the compositionincontinentlythen is the list.

10 Best Launcher Apps For Android 2023

  • Nova Launcher
  • Evie Launcher
  • Buzz Launcher
  • Apex
  • Niagra Launcher
  • Smart Launcher 5
  • Microsoft Launcher
  • ADW Launcher 2
  • Google Now Launcher
  • Rootless Launcher

1. Nova Launcher:

Nova Launcher is one of the stylish and most popular Android launchers on the Google Play Store. As a launcher, this operation actually runs easily on numerous Android bias

This operation can run snappily, efficiently, and smoothly. In additiondruggies will also be presented with wharf customizations,

announcement colophonsoptions to display constantly used operations in the top row in the app hole, customization of flyers and iconsnumerous gestures available, and numerous other features.

Nova Launcher also has support for app lanes which can be set up on the Android Nougat interpretation. The main interpretation of this launcher has numerous useful features and is worth a pass.

Download Nova Launcher

2. Evie Launcher:

Evie Launcher is meant for mobile performance and is one of the fastest Android launchers. numerous druggies who have switched to the present launcher have endured its smooth handling.

Its Universal Search point allows you to look within your app from anywhere. This operation has colorful home screen lanes and customizations. also, you will customize the app hole and grid flyers.
One of the explanations that Evie is arguably one of the simplest launcher apps on Android for 2019 is because it allows you to choose a special program.

the sole strike is that you simply will not find numerous gestures that will be employed in this app.

Overall, Evie Launcher is a featherlight launcher app that emphasizes speed and simplicity.

Download Evie Launcher

3. Buzz Launcher:

Buzz Launcher comes with an app- locker, and RAM cleanser point, so you don’t get to install any fresh apps for that. numerous gestures are available that allow you to pierce multiple lanes by simply swiping together with your cutlet on the house screen.

A fresh point called the” Screen Effect” is out there within the operation. This point is similar to a live wallpaper, but rather than changing your wallpaper, this operation can cover the wallpaper with animated goods similar to snow falling or leaves on your screen.

The only problem with the Buzz Launcher app is that it does not match the icon packs and themes available on the Play Store. And recently, this launcher for Android has been a little glitchy.

Download Buzz Launcher

4. Apex Launcher:

Apex Launcher may be a visually stunning launcher app with thousands of theme packs and icons which you will download from the Play Store. This operation is featherlight for Android and has been optimized for smartphones and tablets.

You can add up to 9 customizable home defenses and you will also hide gratuitous apps within the app hole. This launcher sorts the apps in an app hole that may be acclimated harmonious with their titleinstallation date, or how frequently you employ them.

Buying the professional interpretation will unleash further gesture optionsfurther customization of the app hole, and lots of fresh features.

Apex is also one of the fastest operation launchers available on Android.

Download Apex Launcher

5. Niagara Launcher:

Niagara is for Android druggies trying to find a minimalist launcher with smaller in-app settings and options. Because Niagra does not come whisked with options and settings. This app is also one of the fastest Android launchers on the Google Play Store.

Since this launcher app is concentrated on removing clutter from your Android space, it’s a clean app without bloatware or patronized advertisements. With its lower size, the appliance launcher can run easily on the low-end bias too.
Still, this app will not be for you, If you’re looking for numerous customization options. But considering the design is relatively intriguingperhaps at least you can try it first.

Download Niagara Launcher

6. Smart Launcher 5:

Smart Launcher 5 is another featherlight and fast Android launcher app for 2019 that has been developed and acquainted with stoner requirements. The app hole during this operation consists of a sidebar that divides the operations by order.

The Android launcher has an ultra-immersive mode where you will hide the navigation bar to prompt further room on the screenAlso, the encompassing theme of the launcher app changes the theme color supported by the wallpaper.

Although there is support for gestures, it’s still relatively limited and requires you to protect for the professional interpretation to unlock more gestures.

One strike is that advertisements can appear in the app hole in the free interpretation which is relatively annoying.

Download Smart Launcher 5

7. Microsoft Launcher:

Microsoft Launcher( preliminarily appertained to as Arrow Launcher) is an enthusiastic and fast Android launcher app with numerous customizations from Microsoft.

This Launcher app can automatically modernize new wallpapers from Bing every day. One home screen is decorated with a Microsoft Timeline point that resembles” Google Cards.” Recent panels showing lately opened media or lately communicated connections.

The stylish part about the Microsoft Launcher app is that it syncs across Microsoft accounts. In other words, you will get substantiated feedssee your hunt results, and far more.

The only strike of using Microsoft Launcher is that it does not leave the maximum quantum of customization as other stylish launchers for Android so far.

Download Microsoft Launcher

8. ADW Launcher 2:

This launcher app is stableprestoeasy to use, and offers hundreds of customization options. The UI nearly feels like an erected– Android. This operation supports a unique point to stoutly change the interface display color according to your wallpaper.

piecemeal from that, there are icon colophons, app indexing in the app hole, launcher lanes, transition robustness, and numerous other useful features.

You can also produce and modify your contrivance with the color you want. However, this app is surely worth checking out, If you want to change the dereliction launcher on Android.

Download ADW Laucher 2

9. Google Now Launcher

Google Now Launcher Apps is an erected– launcher operation developed by Google itself. This app is targeted at-pixel device druggies who do not like the there-installed launcher, and in returndruggies will get a better Android experience.

Unlike other challenges, this Android launcher adds Google Now cards by simply swiping on the home screen. In addition, the Google Hunt design can be acclimated directly from the home screen itself.

Combined with the smooth app hole, the app suggestions at the top also work efficiently. The only strike is that you do not have a lot of customization options that you can do in Google Now Launcher.

Download the Google Now Launcher

10. Rootless Launcher

Rootless Launcher is an open-source design to get all the features of the Pixel launcher on any Android device. However, this app is a must-pass, If you want to get Android Pie launcher features.

While this launcher isn’t as customizable as the other launchers in this list of stylish launchers for Android, Rootless Launcher includes the utmost of the features set up on any Google Pixel device.

Since this launcher app is new to the Google Play Store, it may not meet the requirements you anticipate from a complete Android launcher App.

Download Rootless Launcher


Those are the Stylish Launcher operations for Android that will make your Android look, fresherDo not forget to partake in your opinion in the commentary column.
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