Top 15+ Best For Free WWE Games For Android {In 2024}

Best For Free WWE Games – The WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) franchise has spawned numerous video games over the years that allow players to experience the thrill and excitement of professional wrestling.

With advanced graphics and gameplay, WWE video games accurately simulate the spectacle of a live WWE match.

Best For Free WWE Games For Android

Best For Free WWE Games For Android

For Android users, there are several excellent WWE games to choose from.

1. WWE 2K20

WWE 2K20

The latest installment in the popular WWE 2K series, WWE 2K20 offers stunning graphics and lifelike wrestler models and animations.

With a huge roster of over 200 playable characters, you can battle as your favorite WWE superstars and legends in exhibition matches, story-driven 2K Showcase modes, and Universe Mode seasonal gameplay.

Create your own custom superstars and arenas with the deep Creation Suite tools. Overall, WWE 2K20 is the best WWE sim experience on mobile.

2. WWE Mayhem

WWE Mayhem

Developed by Reliance Big Entertainment, WWE Mayhem brings fast-paced arcade-style gameplay to mobile devices.

Battle in the ring across multiple gameplay modes while pulling off high-flying moves and reversals.

With a roster of over 70 wrestlers, you can brawl with John Cena, The Rock, Roman Reigns, and many more WWE superstars in this over-the-top wrestling game.

3. WWE Immortals

WWE Immortals takes all your favorite wrestlers and transforms them into epic fantasy versions of themselves for intense touchscreen combat. Collect and upgrade special ability cards to build your roster as you fight through various game modes.

With spectacular special moves and an impressive selection of past and present wrestlers, WWE Immortals offers a fresh take on WWE action for Android.

4. WWE Champions

Collect tons of WWE SuperCard versions of wrestling superstars and battle in this puzzle RPG. Match gems to build up your special moves and finishers while defending against and attacking your opponents.

With regular special events and updates, WWE Champions provides plenty of lively puzzle-based gameplay and strategic depth for countless hours of card-battling action.

5. WWE Supercard

WWE Supercard is another collectible card battling game featuring powerhouse wrestling superstars. Build your deck with different tiers of wrestler cards, with rarer ones having better stats and abilities.

Compete in various matches and game modes, with the unique Mortal Kombat-style mini-game for close bouts. Unlock new cards and upgrade your favorites to dominate your opponent’s deck.

6. WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011

WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011

One of the best WWE games for earlier Android devices, WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011 brings all the wrestlers, match types, and game modes you expect from the classic wrestling sim franchise.

Battle in Hell in a Cell match, day-to-day Universe modes, and more with smooth touchscreen controls and fighting mechanics. Unlock legendary wrestlers like The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and the Undertaker to build your dream roster.

7. WWE Tap Mania

Tap your screen as fast as you can in this addictive idle clicker WWE game. Tap your way through tons of challenging levels as new wrestlers join your roster.

Upgrade your superstars’ skills and abilities to do higher DPS and damage. Collect valuable loot cases containing power-ups, costumes, and more surprises.

Casual wrestling fans and clicker fans alike will be hooked on WWE Tap Mania’s simple but fun gameplay.

8. WWE Racing Showdown

Most WWE games focus on wrestling matches and combat, but WWE Racing Showdown offers a completely different style of gameplay.

Pick your favorite wrestler character and compete in chaotic races and battles behind the wheel of wacky vehicles.

Perform stunts and run opponents off the road while collecting power-ups for boosts. With easy touch controls and fast-paced racing action, WWE Racing Showdown is a surprisingly fun twist for Android gamers.

9. WWE Legends

WWE Legends lets you relive the golden age of wrestling with a massive roster of icons like Andre the Giant, Ultimate Warrior, Sgt.

Slaughter, and more. Take part in historical matches and events with retro-style graphics and arcade gameplay. Unlock legendary wrestlers from different eras and lay the smackdown in over-the-top arcade fighting bouts.

For old-school wrestling fans, WWE Legends is a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

10. WWE Universe

Although a bit dated, WWE Universe still offers a solid fix for WWE action on the go. Select from over 70 wrestlers including popular superstars like John Cena, Randy Orton, and Triple H.

Battle it out in various match types like Hell in a Cell, Gauntlet, and Last Man Standing. With classic WWE gameplay and plenty of match options, WWE Universe is a decent portable wrestling experience for your Android device.

11. WWE Raw vs. Smackdown

WWE Raw vs. Smackdown

The Raw vs. Smackdown rivalry plays out on your mobile screen with this older but still entertaining WWE title. Build your custom superstar and compete on either show, aligning yourself with that brand’s wrestlers and GMs.

The realistic graphics and gameplay capture the look and feel of real WWE programming and PPV events at the time of its release. Overall, a fun throwback WWE experience.

12. WWE All Stars

For a more over-the-top take on WWE action, check out WWE All-Stars. This game features exaggerated wrestler designs with huge muscle-bound physiques and high-flying arcade gameplay.

No headlocks or submissions here—just big slams, strikes, and aerial moves to pull off in fast-paced matches. Play as WWE legends and modern stars and duke it out in this competitive, arcade-style title.

13. WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2010

Another solid classic WWE title, WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2010 plays like a refined, earlier version of the SmackDown console series.

Take your custom-created wrestler into the exhibition, tag team, steel cage, and other match types.

Expand your career in the RAW and SmackDown brands while defending titles and aiming for main event status and Wrestlemania. With great touchscreen controls and visuals, this vintage mobile WWE game still holds up.

14. WWEPuzzle Adventure

Combine gem-matching puzzles with famous WWE wrestlers and stages in WWE Puzzle Adventure. Match colored gems to deal damage against opponents like John Cena and Rey Mysterio.

Earn gold to unlock more WWE superstars and stages based on real-life locations.

Use special moves like Rock Bottom, Tombstone Piledriver, and RKO to finish off tricky puzzles. Simple but addictive gameplay makes this a fun casual WWE title.

15. WWE Champions Free Puzzle RPG

WWE Champions Free Puzzle RPG

If you want to try the gameplay of WWE Champions without spending money, check out WWE Champions Free.

Collect wrestler cards, upgrade their skills and moves, and battle opponents in match 3 puzzle games. Progress through different leagues to meet and unlock new popular superstars.

You can play for free, but expect the typical slower progression of a freemium title unless you purchase the full version.

16. WWE 2K

While not as advanced as newer entries, WWE 2K brings great graphics, gameplay, match types, and creation tools in one robust mobile package.

Developed during the early days of mobile wrestling games, WWE 2K still shines with fun touchscreen gameplay and a stacked roster of superstars to battle.

Relive classic matches like Stone Cold vs. The Rock at WrestleMania in this mobile version of the popular console series.

17. WWE Battlegrounds

With comical caricatures and over-the-top personality, WWE Battlegrounds offers a wacky take on WWE wrestling for mobile gamers.

Perform devastating signature moves and finishers on unique battleground stages. Unlock new wrestlers from different eras and take them into local and online multiplayer.

For a goofy, casual wrestling game, you can’t go wrong with WWE Battlegrounds.

18. WWE SmackDown! Here Comes the Pain

WWE SmackDown! Here Comes the Pain

WWE SmackDown! Here Come the Pain faithfully recreates the classic PlayStation 2 wrestling title. Compete as WWE legends in arcade-style grappling matches.

Unlockable arenas and create-a-wrestler features also make the jump to mobile. While a bit dated now, there’s still plenty of nostalgic wrestling fun to be had in this port of a genuine classic WWE console game.

19. WWE Brawl

WWE Brawl offers a casual fighting game experience on mobile with swipe-and-tap gameplay. Select from different popular wrestlers with colorful designs and animations.

Pull off signature moves and combos as you battle in different match types with simple controls. For players seeking a lightweight WWE fix, WWE Brawl has plenty of content and gameplay for quick wrestling bursts on the go.

20. WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011

Rounding out our list is WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011, another retro mobile port of the classic WWE simulation franchise.

Create your own wrestlers or play as WWE greats like John Cena, Randy Orton, and Edge as you battle online or offline.

With more current rosters and visuals, WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011 encapsulates the essence of WWE games from the height of the series’ popularity.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best WWE Games for Android:

1. Which WWE game has the best graphics on Android?

WWE 2K20 has the most realistic and best graphics of any WWE game on mobile. The advanced game engine provides polished visuals and lifelike wrestler models and animations.

2. What is the newest WWE game for Android?

Currently, WWE 2K20 is the newest and most up-to-date WWE game available on the Google Play Store. It features current wrestlers and match types.

3. Are there any WWE games for Android that allow you to create wrestlers?

Yes, several WWE games for Android include creation modes to make custom wrestlers. WWE 2K20, WWE 2K, WWE Champions, and WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011 all allow you to create your own unique superstars.

4. Which WWE game has the biggest roster?

With over 200 playable wrestlers from different eras, WWE 2K20 has the biggest roster out of all WWE games for mobile devices.

5. Are any of the WWE games available for free on Android?

WWE Champions Free and WWE Brawl are two solid WWE games with free options available on the Google Play Store. Both let you play for free but have in-app purchases.

6. What are the best old-school WWE games on Android?

For nostalgia, check out WWE Legends and WWE SmackDown! Here Comes the Pain. Both feature retro graphics and classic wrestlers from the 80s and 90s eras.

7. Do any WWE games support multiplayer on Android?

Yes, WWE 2K20, WWE Mayhem, WWE Champions, and several others support online multiplayer features so you can battle other players.

concluding thoughts on the top WWE games for Android:

For the best overall wrestling game experience, WWE 2K20 is currently the top choice with its robust graphics, controls, match types, and massive roster.

Fans of classic WWE eras and legends should try WWE Legends or WWE SmackDown! Here Comes the Pain for nostalgic retro wrestling gaming.

Gamers seeking a multiplayer experience can battle others online in WWE 2K20, WWE Mayhem, WWE Champions, and several other titles.

If you enjoy puzzle, arcade, or idle-style mobile games, check out WWE Champions, WWE Puzzle Adventure, WWE Tap Mania, or WWE Brawl.

For major WWE events and pay-per-views, the latest WWE 2K game will likely include the updated match types, arenas, and roster.

Trying free versions like WWE Champions Free or WWE Brawl allows you to sample WWE gameplay without upfront costs.

Controls and gameplay have improved as mobile WWE games continue to advance and offer console-quality experiences.

With such a wide selection of titles now available, Android owners can enjoy tons of wrestling action with their favorite colorful characters and modes on the go. Whether simulating matches or arcade-style combat, WWE fans have plenty of ways to experience wrestling on their mobile device.

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